Expect the Unexpected

Maise's summer starts out in such a different way Maise expected. Everything takes a drastic turn. She'll be alone all summer long. But, when she is befriended by the one and only One Direction, her summer goes from terrible to unbelievable. Will things stay great, or will something go terribly wrong?


1. Surprise!

School just got out. And for the summer, too! I loved summer because that's when my brother came home from college and I got a bit of a break from bullying. As usual, once the bell rang, I was the first out. 

I stepped outside and felt the heat all around me. I soaked it in for a second. A second of pure happiness and stillness and quietness appeared before the crowd of kids behind me pushed out the door. 

I rushed ahead to the sidewalk where I was free to pull out my iPod, and turn on my favorites list. But, before I could even put my earbuds in, Katie came up behind me and tugged my backpack, causing me to stop. 

"Yes Katie?"
"What stupid song are you trying to listen to now, huh?" she grabbed my iPod and looked
"What Makes You Beautiful?" she turned around. Glossom and Vicky had just caught up to us. "Can you believe her?" Glossom and Vicky giggled as Katie pulled my backpack back and pushed me forward. I fell face first into the hard, hot concrete that burned and ripped my skin. The girls laughed as they passed me.
"Have a nice trip, Maise! See you next fall!" Katie, Glossom, and Vicky sang as they walked away. I ignored them as I sat up and examined the marks on my hands. 

I never had good coordination, so my hands went out to protect me a little late. Therefore, it just caused me to have marks on my hands and face. I grabbed my backpack and pulled out my makeup bag. I looked in my portable mirror. I had a cut on the upper left of my forehead. Other than that, it wasn't too bad. I cleaned my cut, stood up, and kept walking. 

When I got home, my mom left a note on the counter. It read, "Out for a while. I might be back in a few hours or days. There's food, I think. Bye." My mom was almost never home. And when she was, there was always a different man in her bed. 

"Maise?" I heard from down the hall.
"Toby!" I called back. "You're home!" I ran down the hall to his room. I gave him a big hug. 
"About that. My band has a huge opportunity," he said, throwing a few shirts in his bag, "to preform in LA!"
"LA?" I repeated. "But that's all the way across the country. What am I going to do alone?"
"Mom should be home. Maybe." he zipped his bag, grabbed his guitar case, and kissed me on the forehead. "Bye. I love you."
"Love you too." I watched him walk out the door. 

I was alone. I was gonna be alone for who knows how long! But at least I knew what I was doing today, and nothing could make me less excited. It was a One Direction signing at the mall!
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