Is it Real?!?

i'm not sure about my decisions in life sometimes. but this one i was definitely not sure about. might as well try and see.


1. new places.

Moving to another house was not what i expected. sure theres a cute guy that lives near. but does he really like me? he wanted to hang out today but i wasnt sure because we were still in the process of moving and i really wasnt feeling well. i wonder if its just an act. i had the boy in my 5th period class and we had never talked before. now we talk everyday. i wish i could flirt with him. its just too hard. my mom always said "you never know unless you try". so i decided its time to try. Starting tomorrow. Dont worry ill keep y'all updated. WISH ME LUCK! oh and by the way there will be more than one person writing this story so you will have to watch for the lil signature thingys! but anys bye. have a good day ~haley

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