My encounter with 1D

Breanna was a normal girl working a part-time job at Target at her local shopping centre until one day Harry Styles walked into Target and it was love at first sight. Now she has to deal with the troubles of dating someone famous...


3. The best performance ever

"You made it!" yelled Sophie as I ran up to the croud of teenage girls surrounding an empty stage, "The're about to start!" "Introducing, One Direction!" a loud voice boomed from the stage followed by screaming so loud it almost burst my eardrum.

The performance was amazing so far. They had just performed their third song, Na Na Na, one of my favorites. All of a sudden I feel a hand reaching out and grabbing me and pulling me up on the stage. It was Harry. His hands were wam and soft, like a cloud might feel. "Know the words to One Thing?" he says, barely loud enough for me to hear over the screaming, "Yeah!" I call back, still shocked that i'm actually up on stage with One Direction.

Next thing I know i'm jumping up and down on stage belting "You've got that one thing!" in front of about two hundred screaming teenage girls. I look out into the croud to find farmilliar faces. I see Abigail, a girl from my home room, Lizzie, a girl who lives on my street, and finally, Sophie. She is jumping up and down with the rest of the girls looking shocked as ever. Then, unexpectadly, Harry leans over to me and pecks me on the cheek...

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