My encounter with 1D

Breanna was a normal girl working a part-time job at Target at her local shopping centre until one day Harry Styles walked into Target and it was love at first sight. Now she has to deal with the troubles of dating someone famous...


1. One Direction is in town

"Bye mum, I'm going to work now." Breanna called out as she walked out the door. "Ok, do you need a ride?" her mum called back but there was no reply, she had already left. As she was approaching the bus stop she noticed there were about 30 teenage girls waiting for the bus, yelling and screaming and laughing. She noticed one of her friends, Sophie, amongst the crowd. "What's going on?" She asked. "One Direction is here! At the shopping centre!" Sophie replied just as the bus pulled up. "Wow, really?" asked Breanna as they were sitting down in the bus. "Yeah! Everyone is going to see them perform at 1pm! You should come too!" Said Sophie. "I'm working at Target until 12.30 I don't know if I'll make it in time." She replied. "Ok, well I guess I'll see you there, if not I'll see you after." "Cya" the bus pulled up to the shopping centre and they both got out, entering the shopping centre at different entrances.

"You're late!" said Breanna's boss, Kevin, as she walked into Target. "But it's 9am, that's when my shift starts." replied Breanna, confused. "No, it's 9.03am. You're 3 minutes late." replied Kevin, even more angry. "Now get to work!"
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