My encounter with 1D

Breanna was a normal girl working a part-time job at Target at her local shopping centre until one day Harry Styles walked into Target and it was love at first sight. Now she has to deal with the troubles of dating someone famous...


2. Meeting true love

*tick tock, tick tock* The clock kept ticking on. It was 12.15. She was waiting patiently for it to be 12.30 so she could finally get off work and go and see the One Direction performance. "Thanks for shopping at Target, have a lovely day." It was the same thing every time. "Next please." A boy about her age walked up wearing sunglasses and a hoodie. "Just this thanks." said the boy. He had a British accent that sounded farmilliar. "Do I know you? You sound kind of farmilliar." asked Breanna. "Umm... No, I don't think so." replied the boy. "Oh, sorry about that." replied Breanna. Then he took off his sunglasses and hoodie and revieled that he was actually Harry Styles from One Direction. "Oh my gosh! You're Harry Styles!" Breanna exclaimed. "Yes, but you can't tell anyone. I'm going on stage in half an hour but I just needed to get something first." he replied in barely a whisper. "Ok, sure, no problems," she replied, so exited she almost screamed, "Is there any chance of me getting an autograph?" "Better, I can get you back-stage if you want." "Oh my gosh, yes! Thank you so much!" She could barely contain her excitement. "I get off at 12.30, I'll meet you there." "Ok see you soon."

At 12.30 she said bye to Kevin and he mumbled a few insulting words. She just walked away. She checked her watch, 12.56 already?!?! She had to get there right now, but they're performing on the other side of the shopping centre. Will she get there in time???

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