My encounter with 1D

Breanna was a normal girl working a part-time job at Target at her local shopping centre until one day Harry Styles walked into Target and it was love at first sight. Now she has to deal with the troubles of dating someone famous...


4. Is This A Dream?

The rest of the performance was a blur of screaming faces, loud music and my heart thumping in my chest. At the end, as I start to walk off the stage and everyone starts to walk away, Harry pulls me back. "Where are you going? I said I could get you backstage didn't I?" "Yeah but I need to go and explain all of this to my friend Sophie. She's just over there." I reply. "Well, you can explain it to her backstage. She can come too." I run down to get Sophie and just as she's trying to ask me what was going on I pull her onstage and through the curtains at the back.

"Why are we backstage? And why did Harry Styles pull you onstage? And why did he kiss you?" Sophie asks, shocked as ever. "I'll explain everything in a second, just follow me." I reply, walking over to where Harry and Niall are standing. "Hi, this is my friend Sophie. The one I was telling you about earlier." I explain to Harry. "Oh, hi. I'm Harry and this is Niall." Harry says to Sophie and she just gives out a high pitched squeak. "Nice to meet you Sophie." Niall says, shaking her hand. Then Paul, their bodyguard, whispers something into Harry's ear. "Oh, sorry, we have to go. We're doing CD signings. But I'll see you later." Harry says whilst slipping a piece of paper into my hand. "What's on the paper?" asks Sophie, intrigued. As I look I almost squeal. It was his number...

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