Zombie In A Human Iife

Ayumu is a Japonese boy living on his own. All he wants is to be normal with a normal life and a normal famaly but is not possible because he is a zombie.


1. The day i died

I was at school the school day has finished i liked this time of the day is was nice soft beutifal. I decided i needed to get home it was starting to get dark. I got a can of soda from the vending machine. i loved the sound of a can opening. there was somone standing in the corner of the room i took no notice of him and cept walking. Ayumu! he shouted. i instantly turned he had a ma-machete. i droped my soda and ran my class was on the fourth floor so i has a while to go til i found the exit. I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my back i was dead.

The night Before that happned i met this girl she was sitting outside the shop i had just been in she was wearing a big purple dress and silver plated armour. I said hello she didnt talk she just helled out a note book of what she wanted to say. she wrote whats your name? Ah my name is Ayumu all she could speek was a slight humming sound (hmmm). i had no idea why. Ah what is your name she stuck out the notebook again Euclitar.Ok well i should go home now i muttred she humed "hmmm" bye she wrote on the paper. I replyed and said bye back.

For some odd reason i could still think and dream was i in the afterlafe or was i still alive. i woke up in my house with Euclitar over me  somhow for some odd reason i was, ALIVE! i was completly nowmal no sacared or wounds at all i dont know how she did this. Ah how did you bring me to life. She heled out the same notbook as the night a few days ago. i am from the underworld i can heal people while taking the pain to myself. But you are not human anymore, you are a Zombie.WHAT i could'nt think i did'nt know what to say. I was dead while being alive.

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