Minecraft: The Brutal Truth

Minecraft the way they didn't want you to see it!


1. New World

'Where...where am I? I was just walking down the street and it looked like i got struck by lightning and now.... now i'm here!'

Steve looked around as he realized he was in a world that did not belong to him, a world unlike the one he came from. It was made of blocks? big blocks each one half his size, and his hands, his body they were sqaure and PIXELATED!! How could this have ever happend to me, i was on my way to work...

It's ok i need to work out where i am and find the nearest town. mabey i should climb that hill to get a good view, yea that will work. As i slowly climbeed up the mountain i saw some of the landscape behind me. It was all blocks, the trees, the grass and the mountain. All of it, i finished my climb and saw even more. I was on some sort of borderline between 3 different worlds as it seemed. like it snowed one way but there was a desert next and behind was a massive grassland covered in trees. It seemed to go on for ever as if this was what the whole world was like. I better do what bear grills does: BE A SURVIVING BOSS!

i go up to one of the trees in the grass setting. it seems there are two different types of trees here. the normal colour light brown that you might expect but then some white trees whith brown marks on them. well i should get some bark to mabye make a meal (err grose).

I started trying to rip the bark off the trees but after about 4 tries the whole block broke of! Where did it go? it looked like it just dissapeared. I looked around the other side of the tree and saw a smaller version of the block of wood jst sitting there kind of floating but still touching the ground. i picked it up and it was the size of my hand. but when i put it back down again it grew straight back to it's normal size! i pick up a piece of dirt now by breaking it and put it down and it does the same thing! this is impossible but so cool. I mine down the tree and now i have some wood. i realize that under the base block of the tree combletley hidden is a small case. I pick it up and open it to find that it has a small square grid the size of 4 blocks. mabye i can use this but i have no idea what to do with it now so i carry it with me.

I woalk away to find some water. That is what bear grills always does. In the distance i see a small pond with nice clear blue water, i start to run, i really need the water and out of nowhere some sort of pink animal trips me over! I drop all my belongings and hit my face on a tree. A small bas pops up in the bottom of my view with all these hearts lined up. and one of them fades away. Then the bar dissapears aswell. i wonder what that was? i turn around to see a pixalated pink pig. It is suprisingly cute. i walk over to my stuff and see that the case has opened and a piece of wood is in the grid but something els is different aswell. There is a seperate box from the grid that contains wooden planks in it. i pick up the planks and the wood dissapears!

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