Love impression

Be able to feel like your in the story
Best friends to nothing
From nothing to lovers
a story where one person can ruin a love
PAHAHA that sounds so corny ok guys
I just hope you'll like it


2. Something's wrong with her

A beautiful girl with thick brown curls and blue glowing eyes came through the door with the boys but she was holding onto Harry's hand. At first I thought it was just a fan that won a VIP pass or something, until Harry said something that made my heart throb. "(Y/N), Danielle, Eleanor..."
He stopped and stared at this new girl with bright eyes,"this is Haley, my new girlfriend." It hurt so much I just wanted to run out of the room but it would make it super obvious that I liked Harry. So I just smiled and said,"Hi Haley it's nice to meet you. I'm (Y/N) I'm one of their friends but mostly Harry's." She glared at me but nobody else seemed to notice. Automatically knew this girl wasn't for Harry. Not just because she glared straight at me but because when she did it I saw something. Like through her eyes. It was just something I couldn't explain. After dinner Harry invited Haley to stay and sleep there with all of us since Liam and Danielle always got a different hotel room I guess there was room. Harry and I usually slept in the same bed always making a space between us in the middle of the bed not because we didn't trust each other but because  Niall and Louis always think that somethings going on between us. Harry and I both knew there wasn't, but the boys would just like to mess with us like that. But this night I found my stuff outside the door he left a note on top of my folded clothes pillow and blanket that said," (Y/N) sorry but now that I have a girlfriend she'll be sleeping with me in my bed. She claims she doesn't want to sleep apart from me." This note pissed me off so much that I started to tear up. Now I knew there was something wrong with Haley. 

I grabbed my stuff and went to the living room. I should say this wasn't much of a hotel but more like a condo. 
In the living room we didn't have a couch so I had to sleep on a bean bag which wasn't as comfortable as it looked. I was always the first one up. So I went to take a shower. When I came out almost everyone was out except for Harry and Haley. For some reason it relieved me. I guess I was still upset and it was because of the note. That note wasn't written in Harry's hand writing. When he finally got up he came to me and said,"Haley told me you didn't want to sleep with me last night so she took your clothes blanket and pillow out." he said it with concern." so did I do something wrong." he finished. 
It finally hit me Haley wrote the note. She was trying to get me away from Harry. She was trying to get rid of me by taking away my best friend. 

I looked away trying not to cry then managed to say," Harry you didn't do anything wrong I... I just thought you might want to have some privacy with Haley now that you guys are together." the words stung my throat as I spoke. I was trying not to yelp. That's what happens when I'm trying not to cry. Harry looked at me with his big green eyes his curly brown/black hair was still messy but he looked perfect. Then he said," (Y/N), thank you. Your the best friend anyone could ask for." I forced a smile. All I could think about was how much Harry was in for. He deserved better it was only 2 days but I knew there was something Haley was hiding. She was liar I could tell you that for sure. 
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