Love impression

Be able to feel like your in the story
Best friends to nothing
From nothing to lovers
a story where one person can ruin a love
PAHAHA that sounds so corny ok guys
I just hope you'll like it


5. During the black out


Harry went back to the condo/hotel with Haley in arms and told everyone about their engagement. They all looked stunned mad sad and even hurt that they were going to get married then the question came up. Louis went up to Harry and said," wheres (Y/N) she's been gone for a really long time. Haley then said," Who cares? Harry and I are getting married. That's  what matters right now." and Harry went along with it and laughed just as much as Haley did. Louis Liam ZAYN Niall Danielle and Eleanor looked pissed. They all got up and  went out looking for (Y/N). They went to the park at the same walk way (Y/N) took and they suddenly found where she was. She was passed out on the grass behind some trees they but her in the car and drove back to the condo where Harry and Haley were on the couch as calm as any other day until Louis and Liam walked into the condo with (Y/N) In their arms they took her into her "room" and put an ice pack on her forehead. 
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