Love impression

Be able to feel like your in the story
Best friends to nothing
From nothing to lovers
a story where one person can ruin a love
PAHAHA that sounds so corny ok guys
I just hope you'll like it


7. Call it a crazy happy ending

Haley stared at us with firm eyes. Looking from me and back to Harry. Every time we tried to move she would scream and threaten us. Haley was completely out of her mind. She pointed the gun away from me and pointed it towards Harry. It felt like my heart stopped. I knew Haley was capable of anything at that moment. I finally heard the cops but they were to alerting. Haley pulled the trigger and shot Harry. The cops grabbed Haley and took her away. I ran towards Harry. I rested his head on my lap while all I could do was cry. I tried to stop myself from crying and give Harry some comfort but I couldn't. The paramedics came in and took Harry with them back to the hospital. 

                 3YEARS LATER
After Harry recovered from the injury that his psycho ex caused, we actually started dating. At first it was just small dates like staying home and watching movies but I loved being with him either way. After a while the dates increased like going to the beach or a small carnival. And now we are marred. After 16 years of a big friendship and 6 years with my secret crush on him we finally got married and we had a daughter named Darcy. 
As for Haley , she is now in prison after proven guilty. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Other than what I just told you I guess we can say dreams can come true if you live up to it and believe that it really is possible.
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