Love impression

Be able to feel like your in the story
Best friends to nothing
From nothing to lovers
a story where one person can ruin a love
PAHAHA that sounds so corny ok guys
I just hope you'll like it


4. Big day with a big surprise

Louis Eleanor Liam Danielle ZAYN perry and Niall were still waiting and I finally snuck out of my thoughts. And replied," It's from Harry he gave me a necklace" they looked at me with puzzled faces,"it says best friends on it." and they smiled," well at least now you know you guys are still friends." said Niall and ZAYN at the same time which triggered Niall's adorable laugh and I smiled and said," I guess your right guys... I guess your right." that's when Louis stepped in," So have you thought about telling him yet?" and I sat there thinking and thinking about everything we've been through and how much we accomplished not alone but together. "Guys I finally made my decision and I'm going to tell him tomorrow!"They all cheered me on and Eleanor and Danielle came to me and gave me hugs and whispered,"We'll help you get ready for tomorrow." I was finally happy again and the best part was that Harry was going to go to the park. Alone! 

                THE  "BIG" DAY
I woke up later than usual but I didn't mind I needed the rest to think about what I was going to say. I finally got out of bed and took a long shower. When I finished I went back to my "room" so that Eleanor and Danielle could help me get ready. They looked through my clothes and put together an outfit I would never be able to put together. It was just a plain I'm going out on a saturday kind of look but it was just what I wanted the girls straightened my hair and then finally Danielle said," I think we're done. And you look beautiful! Eleanor you did her makeup really quick I didn't even see you do anything!" Eleanor replied," That's because I haven't done it yet." Danielle looked puzzled," But she looks good already." I just smiled and said,"Thanks guys really I owe you both." They gave me a nice smile and wished me good luck. I started walking out the door when some from behind me yelled," Your leaving without saying bye well what a friend." and started laughing I was able to tell it was Louis Liam ZAYN and Niall with those voices and the big laugh at the end obviously belonged to Niall. I went over to each of them to give them hugs and and to say goodbye. I walked to the park and started walking through a path of trees and bushes. I looked behind me and saw Haley i immediately turned my  head and kept it like that so she wouldn't see me. She walked right past me to a bench that Harry was sitting at I hid behind some trees. Harry and Haley were talking and Harry stood up. Then he knelt down right I front of her. I Was able to tell what was going to come next and my eyes filled with tears my heart started beating so quickly I hurt and I became cold. I didn't leave though I just stared. He then pulled out a ring and I knew he was asking Haley to marry him. She looked at him with a huge smile but not one of those heart warming smiles but one of those with secrets behind it. She accepted and Harry picked her up and they kissed. I was still behind the trees and I felt like I needed someone to hold me I felt dizzy and a blacked out. 
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