Love impression

Be able to feel like your in the story
Best friends to nothing
From nothing to lovers
a story where one person can ruin a love
PAHAHA that sounds so corny ok guys
I just hope you'll like it


6. An awakening surprise

I woke up in the home theater room / my room with everyone around me even Harry but not Haley. I looked at everyone and when I finally came into focus I said," hi guys what happened?" they all sighed as if in relief and ZAYN said," I guess you blacked out we just found you and brought you home." I sat up in the bed that Liam had lent me ever since Harry started dating Haley. I was sitting there for a whilst and finally said,"Harry can I talk to them in for a bit?" and he replied," No. I'm not going to leave you." and I burst," Harry I don't want you in here!" I shouted it. He looked at me with that look that felt like something was piercing through my heart. When he left the room I started crying so hard that everyone had to come over to the bed and comfort me Niall was hugging me and messing with my hair as he did that. And I started to calm down. I was truly hurt this time it was killing. For the first time ZAYN hugged me longer than anyone ever had he was very shy when it came to me but he was sorry for me I guess. I finally asked them to leave and asked Louis to bring Harry in so I could talk to him. It was time for me to speak up. 

Harry came in with tears in his eyes but it was nothing compared to what I had gone through. And he said," Haley and I are getting..." "I know!" I interrupted " I...I know." and he said," (Y/N) what's wrong. What did I do to make you feel this way!!" I yelled,"Harry! You can't marry her! You just can't!" Suddenly before Harry could even say anything we heard Eleanor Danielle scream while the boys were yelling. Then the doors to my "room" banged open. Haley walked in with a gun pointing it straight to me. Harry  looked at me then back at Haley. She didn't say anything she was just looking at us pointing the gun at me and I just froze there. 
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