Love impression

Be able to feel like your in the story
Best friends to nothing
From nothing to lovers
a story where one person can ruin a love
PAHAHA that sounds so corny ok guys
I just hope you'll like it


1. Can't a boy and girl be just friends?

Harry and I started as friends when we were only at the age of 5. We were in kindergarten and I was the new girl I stood up in front of the class with the teacher on the first day as she said,"class this is (Y/N) and she will be in our class from now on." the first day was horrible up till lunch time. That's when I met Harry. He came up to me and asked if he could sit down. Of course I was going to say yes. I mean I was alone all day. 
After weeks and weeks of a big friendship we found out that his mom and my mom were friends. We were thrilled! The other kids at school thought we were weird. I guess they didn't believe a boy and a girl could be just friends. But we were best friends for life. Harry and I would build little tents and sleep in either his or my backyard. Nothing changed between us as we grew older but we preferred to stay inside and watch movies other than outside in a crowded tent. Nothing changed until he went off to the x-factor and won. 

      It was just the start of One Direction but they were the most popular group of boys I was ever going to hang out with. I know I said nothing changed as we grew older well I guess that was a lie. Harry grew and so did I but so did my feelings towards him. Ever since he left to go to the x-factor I started feeling lost and I would have dreams about him. I knew then that I might have been falling in love with him 

The boys got back from their last night of the tour. Millions of girls crying and screaming. I was back at the hotel with Danielle and Eleanor. Even though I wasn't a girlfriend I was a best friend and was still able to go with Harry every where, at least I had that. I was so used to seeing those five boys come through the hotel doors thrilled yet worn out but this time we had a visitor.
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