This is a first person Harry styles fanfiction. It's my first one so I hope it's good. I sent it to a friend and she said she loved it do I decided to put it up. There's for sure more to come :P


3. Part 3

Overwhelmed part3 

From the doorway I looked around the room at everyone and saw six happy faces.  It was evident that Bianca had quickly gotten over being star-struck and was getting on with the boys really well. It was a chaotic but friendly atmosphere and I was glad to be a part of it even if just for tonight. Harry hadn't spoken to me once since we got back to the room. I noticed things had calmed down a bit and the lads had dispersed around the room. I found a seat on a plush armchair across from Louis and Harry, who were now checking twitter together.  They were whispering and giggling like school girls, and I couldn't help wonder what they were discussing. 
"so are you guys discussing the secrets of the universe over there? Or are you just confessing you undying love for each other?" I asked cheekily. 
Louis laughed and said "undying love for sure!" and wrapped his arms around Harry. Harry chimed in with Louis' laughter.  
" make sure to keep it PG, okay lads!" yelled Zayn "maybe PG-13" he added with a wink. 

"get a room!" Niall added with a mouthful of food. 
"didn't you mom ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full?" asked Louis. 
"well she's not here is she?" asked Niall fallowed by laughter from Bianca and I. 
"touché mate, touché" replied Louis. Still not a word from Harry since we got back to the room. After a few more minutes of cheerful conversation between the others Paul entered the room. 
" alright lads the crowd outside has cleared so we can head on out to the hotel now. Chop chop fellas, its late" Paul said with a ring of authority. The boys reluctantly started gathering their things. I looked around not knowing exactly what to do. Bianca was still talking with Niall and Josh had joined their conversation. I didn't want to interrupt but it looked like a good time to be leaving. I glanced over at Harry a little expectantly, but he seemed pretty involved with his phone. It looked like he wasn't interested in saying goodbye to me at all. I guessed I was right about it being too far fetched to hope that he would like me. But why did it matter whether he noticed me leaving or not? At this point I was over thinking everything. I decided it was time to make a swift exit and get back to our hotel. I walked over to where Niall, Bianca, and Josh were sitting and said " sorry to be a  party pooper, but we should really get going Bianca." she looked at me pleadingly. I knew she wanted to stay but after the weird way Harry had been acting all night I was not about to stick around any longer " I'm sorry but we really should get out of their way." I turned to Niall " Getting to hang with you guys was... Uhm and educational experience." I said teasingly. " and thank you for your hospitality. Even if it was just so I wouldn't sue Harry for hitting me with a door" I said with a smile. Bianca reluctantly rose from her seat and looked over at Niall. I felt like I had defiantly interrupted something. And I couldn't help but be a little jealous. Bianca was really getting to know Niall while Harry has been playing hot and cold all night. I looked over to the couch he had been sitting in just a few moments ago to find it empty. There was no Harry in sight. I felt deflated. Just great. I didn't know why, what was I expecting? I sighed a turned back to Bianca, who was handing Niall her phone!! They were deffinatley exchanging numbers. Wow. Consider me proud. Bianca gave Niall one last hung and turned to me and gave me a thums up and a huge smile. He did seem really sweet so I was happy for her. Since I knew they had the next day off in Charlotte maybe they could hang out.  
 As she approached me she whispered "well that was a succsessful night" I couldn't help but laugh. But inside I was still extremely confused. Things had been going so well with Harry, I thought we could have at least been friends. But I didn't even get a goodbye. As we left all the lads minus of course Harry said their farewells and thanked us for being such fun guests. We thanked them for making tonight so memorable. I was still looking around for Harry as we said our final goodbyes and traded our twitter info. But still no luck. So I turned to Louis and said "Tell Harry I said bye. And it was really great meeting him." Louis noticed I was a little disappointed. He gave me a knowing look but he only replied "of course love" 
We left the arena and walked towards the hotel. Bianca and I walked in silence thinking over all that had just happened. I was the first to speak up when we got back to the room 
"I don't think we should tell anyone about this just yet." Bianca nodded in reply. I think we were both thinking people would either not believe us or just ask a bunch of questions that we didn't really care to answer. I knew that Bianca would want to tell me every detail of her night with Niall, but she could tell my mind was a little preoccupied  with the whole Harry situation. So she left me to my thoughts but I could see she was buzzing with excitement, and when her phone buzzed she about fell off the bed 
"who is it?" I asked. She squealed.
"Niall! He wants to get breakfast at his hotel tomorrow." she said beaming at me. " wait he said they are staying at the o'Henry hotel. Aren't WE staying at the O'Henry hotel?" she asked frantically. Oh god. 
" yes we are" was my reply. Well shit. Once Bianca told Niall that we were staying at the same hotel as them, he would of course pass it on to the boys, who included Harry. I didn't think this night could get anymore interesting. But it seemed like the next day would hold even more unexpected things. Little did I know how interesting it would get. 

I woke up to find I had 5 more followers on twitter. And in the time it took me to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face I gained 2 thousand followers. What the heck?? And I had about 200 mentions. Okay what was going on? I looked on all the boys' twitters to find the source of all my new followers. Louis had tweeted a picture of Harry and I sitting rather close to each other on a couch laughing at Zayn. Sweet Jesus. So much for not telling anyone. Now 4 million girl have seen it. I decided what the hell and retweeted it. And I noticed Harry had also retweeted it along with a mention to me. "im a terrible person. Will never hit @Lizzayy966 with a door again ;)" 
I replied back 
"@harry_styles haha I'll survive I promise xx" 
Oh there were now a thousand more followers. This was getting to the point of crazy.

I called out to Bianca "Bianca! Have you been on twitter this morning? Louis tweeted a picture of Harry and I and now I have a shit ton of new followers." 
She stuck her head out of the bathroom and said " of course! You've gotten so many more than me because they tweeted about you! Have you gotten any hate yet?" she asked jokingly. But she probably was right, there were probably jealous fans bashing me on twitter. I didn't care to look. but my curiosity won out and I had a look at my mentions. The first few were really sweet saying things like. " you guys would make such a cute couple." or " omg @lizzayy965 is so pretty no wonder Harry is all over her #jealous!" one really made me laugh "@lizzayy965 looks about 20 years too young for Harry #harrylovescougars" wow I forgot how creative directioners could be. Some were mean but I didn't take them to heart. I had been up only fifteen minutes and I felt like the day was going to be a success. Bianca was due to meet Niall in about 20 minute for breakfast. She asked me if I wanted to come but I politely declined. She insisted and said the other lads would probably be there too. It still refused and she gave up and told me it was my loss. Fifteen minutes later I was left alone in the hotel room to do what I pleased. I decided to just flip through the channels and see what they had. Nothing good was on and I was just about to give up when there is a knock at the door. Really housekeeping? It said do not disturb for a reason. I yelled out "coming!" and I fumbled out of the bed and made my way to the door. I was still in my my football jersey that acted as a nightgown, but I didn't really care what I looked like. I opened the door to tell them to come back later but instead of housekeeping I was face to face once again with Harry.   He looked me up and down. 
" nice jersey" he said with a coy smile. I pretended not to know what he was getting at and said 
" I'm a big colts fan, what can I say." 
So here we were once again. But this time my guard was up. I was not going to swoon at his playful grin and melt at the sight of his eyes. No sir, not this girl.
" so how exactly did you find my room?And what are you doing here?" I asked flatly. He smiled at my attempt to seem cold. 
" Bianca told me what you room number was. And I came to see you" 
" we'll I can see that since there's no one else in this room. What else can I help you with?" 
He stepped closer to me but I was determined to hold my ground. I was not going to let him know the effect he was having on me. He took another small step forward before speaking 
" I came to do something I should have done last night." and with one final step he closed the gap between us and before I knew it I was pressed against the wall with my hands in his hair and his lips on mine. So much for standing my ground. His large hands quickly found my waist and wrapped around my back while my hands were gripping him closer. It's not like he could have gotten much closer. I was wearing nothing but an oversized football jersey. As the kiss became more intense so did our breathing. God he was everywhere. Every sense was overwhelmed by Harry. I couldn't even think, I just did. We separated what seemed to be too soon. But only so he could make his way down my neck to my collar bone. Sweet Jesus he felt so right. His hands crept dangerously low and began to lift my jersey up. 
"uhm Harry?" I said gasping for air 
"Mhmm?" he answered while still kissing my neck 
" maybe this isn't the best idea." he paused and looked up at me. Looking into those green eyes I totally forgot why I had asked him to stop. And then I did something I would have never expect to have done. But instinct had taken over. I grabbed the front of his white t-shit and pulled him further into the room all while not once breaking eye contact. He smiled his crooked smile and I couldn't  help but smile back. As we neared my bed I pushed him down onto it. 
"woah" he said 
I only smiled and shrugged. He giggled and reached for me pulling me on top of him. For a few moments we just laid there staring at each other and then I leaned in to kiss him. The kiss started out soft but quickly changed into something much more. He rolled me over so he was on top of me. I reached to pull off his shirt and got a glimpse of his tattoos. I lightly  traced the outline of the star making him shutter. He then pulled me close and we resumed where we left off. 
" Lizzy?!?!" I heard Bianca's voice say in shock. 
" oh shit! Uhm hi, uhh we were just uhm looking for the remote!" I said scrambling off Harry. wow Lizzy that's the best you can come up with? Both Harry and I burst out laughing and Bianca rolls her eyes. 
" well Louis was looking for you Harry. I guess Lizzy found you first" she said with a wink. 
" erm well I guess I better go then." he then looked back at me 
" I'll be back. Promise." he leans in and gives me one more quick kiss and I nod 
" you better" I say with a wink. He grabs his shirt and then he's gone. 
"don't say a word" I say to Bianca before she can say anything.
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