This is a first person Harry styles fanfiction. It's my first one so I hope it's good. I sent it to a friend and she said she loved it do I decided to put it up. There's for sure more to come :P


2. Part 2

Overwhelmed part 2

The first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes was Bianca. She was probably freaking out by now and I had no idea how long I'd been out. the second thing i noticed was that I was in a bright open room with a lot I people filling it. I tried to sit up but someone dressed in doctor scrubs put a gentle but firm hand on my shoulder preventing me from siting vertical.
"well it looks like you took quite a fall. We mostly get girls who have fainted but not many who have been knocked out" the lady politely noted. 
"yeah, if you don't mind if I ask, but where are we exactly?" she looked a bit worried 
"you don't know where you are" she asked. 
" kind of. I know I was next to the amphitheater and I was talking to...." I trailed of remembering who exactly I was talking to before I blacked out. And speak of the devil, a curly mop of hair poked into the brightly lit room. My heart beat sped up a notch. He opened the door the rest on the way and walked in. 
"you gave me quite a fright. You're lucky I have cat like reflexes." Harry proceeded to demonstrate those 'reflexes' by doing some overly dramatic karate moves but got his foot caught on a couch and crashed to the floor. I couldn't help but laugh. Was he ever serious?
"so much for cat like reflexes!" shouted someone from across the room. Harry laughed and rolled his eyes. I turned to see who spoke up and found the rest of lads minus Niall sitting around a table. 
"good morning sunshine!" exclaimed Louis. "quite an eventful evening hu?" he asked 
A nod was my only reply.  
"uhm I really need to find my friend, Bianca. She's probably freaking out right now. I should have never left her alone." I shook my head which made me dizzy again so I laid m head down.
" no worries" Harry interjected cheerfully "um, she called... your mobile, about ten times actually. and we finally answered. She's here. But with Niall and Paul getting food." he smiled triumphantly. Good one less thing I need to worry about. I felt a little less of a terrible friend since technically because of me, she's getting to spend time with Niall. And I bet she's loving every second of it. 

 After a few more minutes I was feeling back to normal. My head still hurt but it was manageable. The doctor had left so there was no one to keep me from getting up. Everyone had kind of gone about their business and I felt a little awkward being back here with the lads who I barely knew. They seemed really cool but I knew I didn't belong here, they were just being nice. I was going to just sneak off but then I remembered Bianca. So I had to just sit here and wait till she returned. I sat twiddling my thumbs until Harry noticed I was awake. This was just too weird, stuff like this just doesn't happen in real life, especially to girls like me. I'm nothing special. But here I am sitting backstage with the boys from one direction after being knocked out by Harry. Who was now approaching the couch. I suddenly became hyper aware of my appearance. God I bet I looked like a wreck. But no matter how I looked Harry was still on his way to sit next to me, too late to run.  So I plastered on a smile no matter how badly I wanted to shrink into the couch cushions and disappear. Well here goes nothing I thought. He'll either like me or think I'm a freak, but either way I'll never see him again so I might as well be myself.  

Chapter 3****

"hiya!" harry said as he sat down. He made sure to sit a polite distance away from me, but it was still close enough for me to clearly see every detail of his face. His sea green eyes, perfect lips, chiseled jaw, and I
of course his legendary hair which was at this moment in a bit of a disarray. I had a strange urge to run my fingers through it, but that was definitely  too forward. I internally cringed at my stupidity. I was brought back to reality when I realized he had asked me a question and was awaiting an answer. I decided to answer with complete honesty 
" I'm sorry I totally missed the question, I was too busy wondering how you get your hair to look so touchable" I said with a giggle. He smiled, jackpot! I guess this uncensored honestly thing is working. 
" erm I asked you how old you were."
"oh seventeen, eighteen in January" I replied not taking my eyes off of him. He wasn't mesmerizing or anything that you would expect. I was staring at him because of how normal he seemed. I was actually surprised that I didn't feel any more flustered than usual. The more we talked the easier it was to just be myself. He kept the questions coming so I guessed I wasn't terrible company. He asked me about school, hobbies, and music to which my answers were catholic school sucks, I'm captain of the cheerleading squad, and I do musicals, but I'm not very good. He laughed at my jokes and I laughed at his. We talked about family and our favorite food which we both agreed was for sure tacos.  Before I knew it an hour had past and Bianca returned with Niall and Paul. I swear I have never seen that girl smile so big. I thought her face was going to be frozen into a permit smile. Apart from some bumps and bruises this night turned out pretty well. 

Bianca came to sit next to me. Without a word. I wasn't sure if she was able to speak. But she proved me wrong. 
"well its good to see you're alright. I would have been pretty pissed at you for leaving me like that if things hadn't ended up like this." she said with a wink. She seemed surprisingly calm for someone who has spend the last hour getting food with Niall. I smiled back at her and apologized for worrying her. 
"it's all good. But seriously girl you could have been raped or something! I mean if it was one of these boys it wouldn't be that bad. I mean it's only rape of you don't like it, right?" I swear that girl has no filter. She literally says whatever she thinks no matter how inappropriate it is. Harry and Niall both doubled over in laughter between giggles Harry said " she.. Has a point.. Ya know?" 
Bianca just shrugged like nothing happened. After Niall and Harry composed themselves Harry asked if I wanted something to drink.  
"yeah" I replied " just point me to it and I can get it myself" I stood up waiting for him to tell me where the beverages were, but I was still a bit disoriented and I lost my balance and somehow ended up sprawled across Harry's lap in a bit of awkward position. My face ended up right in his crotch. The only thing I can think to do is laugh it off. I look up at Harry to apologize but his expression wasn't one of shock like expected, it was one of hunger. He looked like he was about to jump me. I stopped laughing and quickly rolled off of him onto the floor. Niall was laughing so hard he could barely breath. But Bianca didn't miss a thing. She had this knowing look on her face. So I wasn't the only one who saw Harry's lustful glance. but I couldn't believe in a thousand years it would be directed at me. I looked at Bianca afraid to look in Harry's direction. I moved to try to steady myself on the couch but instead of grabbing the cushion I grabbed Harry's upper thigh. He stood in a flash sending Niall into another fit of laughter. 
"sorry!" was all I could blurt out before he hurried out of the room. I looked over at Bianca confused as hell. I mean I said I was sorry. She shrugged not knowing either but she gave me the best advise I've ever received. 
"well are you going to go after him or not?" she demanded  

I stared at her a few seconds not really sure what she meant. 
"uh I don't know if it that's such a good idea" I said a bit embarrassed. I felt really bad if I had made him uncomfortable. I didn't want him thinking I was just another grab-happy fan. It really was an honest accident. I shook my head at myself. Well done once again Lizzy. you scared away Harry styles and ruined a perfectly good night by being a total idiot. I looked over at Bianca hoping she could give me some idea of what to do, because I felt like a total fool, but all her attention was directed towards a story Niall was telling her. I sighed and decided it was a lost cause. But I guess it was a good sign he hadn't called security to have me removed. To think about I had no idea why we were still here. I mean they could have easily sent us on our way hours ago once I woke up. They were all just going about their business like we belonged there every once in a while a different one of the boys would come up and start a conversation. It was refreshing how easy it was to talk to them all. We all gelled so well like we were destined to be friends, it was nice. The laughter was constant. But there was still no sign of Harry, so I decided it was time I excused myself to the little girls room. Liam pointed me to a hallway that lead to the bathrooms. I thanked him with a overly formal curtsey and the lads all chuckled. I rolled my eyes and said " I'm glad you all find me so amusing" 
"Well your a right laugh" Louis said. 
"We like you, well for an American girl" Niall chimed in with a laugh. Bianca gave him a little elbow to the ribs and he faked that he was mortally wounded. I left the room with laughter trailing behind me and went down the hall. I checked the time on my phone. Holy crap it was 1:30 am! Do these guys ever sleep? As I walked down the long hallway I heard in one of the side rooms someone singing "we are young" by fun. It wasn't hard to recognize the soulful voice. He sounded amazing even when no one was watching. I put my hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath. Alright Lizzy stop being a baby, just Go in there. So I opened the door to find Harry sprawled out on a couch that was too small for his large body. He had his back to me with his earphones in so he didn't notice me enter the room. I walked over and decided I was going to be a little cheeky and maybe a little ballsy. I put my hands over his eyes before he could react. And I bent over and pulled out his earphones. 
"guess who" I whispered just inches away from his ear. His curls tickling the side of my face.Man he smelled so good it was ridiculous. 
"mum?" he said playing dumb. I knew he knew who I was. I giggled which of course gave me away. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I am never this flirtatious without a few drinks in me. But here I was with my arms wrapped around an almost complete stranger and I couldn't be more content. I removed my hands from his eyes so he could see again. As he turned around to get a look at me I just smiled at him. It was all I could think to do. And thankfully he smiled back. 
" so I guess I'm forgiven for that little slip up earlier?" I asked bashfully. He didn't answer, but patted the seat next to him on the small sofa. Well I didn't expect that but I obliged and took a seat. 
"you're missing a bunch of fun back in the other room" I said to break the silence. He just smiled and Continued to look at me. 
" I heard you singing, you sounded great" I was really running out of things to say if he wasn't going to speak up
"thanks" was all he answered, and still with the staring.
"so you CAN speak I was worried there for a second" I said teasingly. " so are you just going to stay in here like a loner or come join the gang?" I asked. He just leaned back on the couch an said "erm I  like it in here." he paused an then continued" And I'm  not a loner, you're here" he looked over at me with a smile. Oh god this couldn't be good. 
Here I was squished on a tiny sofa with Harry styles and the only thing I can think of is an escape route. His closeness was making it hard for me to think straight.  I hurried to stand before he could make another move. It wasn't that I didn't trust him, but I mostly didn't trust myself. Okay well maybe I didn't trust him either. But I was not THAT kind of girl. And anyway I would be easily forgotten. So in this situation the cons outweighed the pros. And in reality I highly doubt he would making a move of any sort towards me. I can promise his effect on me was much stronger than mine on him.  After I had scrambled to my feet I was just standing there staring at him with a terrified expression on my face. 
"erm are you alright?" he asked " I promise I don't have cooties I've already had my shots, I promise" he could make anything sound charming and completely childish at the same time. It was amazing.
" you want the honest answer or the polite version?" I asked. He paused before answering. 
"both" he said. 
" well the polite answer is, it's getting kind of late and I'd hate to impose any longer. But the honest answer is you make me nervous as hell." I finished with a sigh knowing I was way passed making a fool of myself. So I decided it was a good time to make my exit.
" so if you'll excuse me..." I made my way to the door and when I reached it I turned around and said what I expected to be my final goodbye. " sorry for barging in on you, sorry for accidentally putting my face in your crotch, and sorry for running into that damn door. But other than all that tonight was really great. You guys were fantastic tonight and are even better in person. If you weren't famous I could see us being friends." I ended my little monolog with a smile. "you really are great. But I bet you already knew that. Well I would say see ya later but goodbye works in this situation."
" uh yeah it was really nice meeting you, but you really don't have to go." he said pleadingly.
" yeah we have to get back to our hotel" i said. We both knew that was a shitty excuse, but it was the only one I could think of. 
" come on the lads love you. Let's at least see what the others are up to." he knew there was no way I could fight him on that compromise, it seemed logical enough to me. So I agreed to see what the others were up to.
As we walked back down the hall in silence, I was hyper aware of Harry's every move. I kept glancing over at him trying to go unnoticed but every once in a while I would catch him looking at me.  And every time our eyes met I felt like a had a swarm of butterflies attacking my insides. So I kept my focus forward. As we neared the door it sounded like chaos had broken loose in there. It sounded as though a herd of elephants was running around in there. Harry carefully opened the door a crack. And then suddenly the door was swung open by Louis who  yelled out  "you shall not pass!" (his voice cracking on the word pass) with that everyone in the room started laughing. Harry took Louis words as a challenge and lunged for him. They fell to the floor laughing. 
" ouch Harry that hurt!" Louis exclaimed. It didn't seem he cared one bit that it hurt. Harry laughed as Louis ruffled his hair making him look like a shaggy dog. "alright not the hair man!" Harry returned the favor by giving Lou's hair a
good ruffle. They both laughed and eventually stood up. I was watching all this from the door smiling. what a pair they were. 
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