This is a first person Harry styles fanfiction. It's my first one so I hope it's good. I sent it to a friend and she said she loved it do I decided to put it up. There's for sure more to come :P


1. Part one

Overwhelmed- Harry fanfic 

Well this wasn't how I saw my day going when I woke up. I was completely lost in the big city and I had come face to face with one of my five favorite people in the world, Harry styles. And to top it all off I had been knocked right off my feet. No, not figuratively I Was literally sprawled out on the pavement with a completely dumbfounded look on my face. Well done Lizzy, real smooth. He was looking at me with what I figured was a look of pity, but then he smirked at me and held out his hand. I was speechless, the wind had literally been knocked out of me. All I could manage was a mumble that kind of sounded like "sorry". But I stayed staring at his large hand wondering if this was all really happening. Well he wasn't disappearing so I guess it wasn't a dream. 
"this is, um, the part where you take my hand." he said a little hesitantly. Was it just me or did he sound like he was afraid I wouldn't take the offer? I took a deep breath and planted a smile on my face, something I did when I felt uncomfortable, and answered with the only thing I could think of "oh yeah, thanks" i replied while reaching out for his hand. He pulled me up with a smile and said " well I haven't seen someone eat it like that since I fell down the stairs." he chuckled. I didn't know if he was trying to make me feel better or was giving me a hard time. 
"and when was this, that you fell down the stairs?" I asked 
"this morning." he said with fake embarrassment. That made me giggle.
"well it must have been a real doozy, I'm glad you survived. How exactly did it happen?" I asked.
"well, erm, I fell... Down, the stairs" he replied. Wow we have a  Shakespeare here, a real genius with his words. 
I can't believe I'm really just having normal conversation with Harry. Well not exactly normal. I guess when you meat someone through these circumstances it doesn't really matter who they are, and he seemed friendly enough. So I collected all the courage I had and held out my own hand to him and said "well let's start fresh and forget that little 'tumble' i just had. Hi, I'm Lizzy!" he took my hand in a playful manner pretending to be all serious and replied, " Well hello Lizzy, my name's Harold, but um you can call me Harry." he said with a wink while energetically shaking my hand. He was just so cheeky it was hard to take him seriously. I shook my head at him and said "oh I know who you are, you're the one and only Harry Styles." i said with a wink. Did I seriously just wink at Harry Styles?
"haha well its nice to meet you Lizzy." he said still holding my hand. I realized that we had been holding hands a little longer than what is comfortable so I pulled my hand away quickly looking down at the ground. I looked back up after a few seconds of silence. This was the first time I really got a good look at him. He was watching me, which kinda freaked me out. I mean Harry styles was taking the time to look at ME of all people. I wanted to pinch myself, no one ever takes a second glance at me, let alone a super cute English boy who I happen to have just watched in concert less than an hour ago. You're probably wondering how I had managed to get myself in such a situation. 
Well it all started like this.... 

"Lizzy wake up!!! Today is the day" my fellow directioner and bestie Bianca squealed in my ear. "ughh" was my only reply. Seriously, it was just too early to be this peppy, even for one direction. I don't know how she can manage to find a way to be up this early, it was beyond me.
"get up! Get up! Five boys are waiting for us!"
I roll over and pull a pillow over my head with a grunt. "go away." I mumble. 
"not until you are fully awake. Come on, we have a long drive to Charlotte and then we have to check into our hotel. Lots to do, so let's get to it!" 
"no" I protested. I felt her get off the bed without a word and then walk out of my room. Thank god, I just need five or maybe twenty more minutes of sleep. I start to doze when I hear Bianca come back into my room. She sat on my bed without a word and held out a cup of tea for me. She had found my weakness. 
"alright, alright I'm up." I say clutching onto my precious cup of tea.
" good now hear's the plan, we'll leave in about an hour which gives us plenty of time to.." I cut her off. 
"Bianca please, give it a rest, I don't have enough caffeine in my system to hash out the pans for the hundredth time okay?" I know it sounded a little harsh but I'm just not a morning person. She understood I just needed some time to come back from the dead, so she got up and said, " I'll be downstairs when you are ready to be civil." she said sarcastically. Bianca had become accustomed to my sassy mornings. About five minutes after she headed downstairs I decided it was time to finally get up. I shuffled into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Once I was under the hot water I could feel the steam and fruity scented body-wash waking me up. After I was finished with my shower and brushing my teeth I felt human again. I swear in the mornings I'm like the walking dead. I turned on my radio to full blast playing One Direction on shuffle while I dried my tangle of curly hair. Once I was done with that, i skipped down the stairs into the kitchen to meet Bianca and grab some breakfast. While we went over the plans I had my second cup I tea. So after about an hour we were all packed up and ready to head to the one direction concert. I was super excited. But Bianca was practically shaking with anticipation. She was one of those  die hard directioners. I mean don't get me wrong I love one direction as much as the next girl, and I've watched pretty much every interview and video diary on YouTube, but I try to see them as people first. I don't try to pretend I am more than just another fan. I would prefer to go to a concert without all the screaming so I could actually hear the music. But I guess with one direction come crazy fans that think they deserve their attention more than the next girl, but I'm happy just to sit back and enjoy.  
    And that's what I planned to do tonight at the concert. This was a once in a lifetime kind of thing, lots directioners weren't able to get tickets so I was really thankful. And I couldn't think of a better sidekick to have on this adventure than Bianca. When it came to anything one direction we did it together.  
   We arrived in Charlotte with plenty of time to check into the hotel and freshen up before heading over to the arena. On the walk over we notice there were girls EVERYWHERE. And it was easy to tell they were all on their way to the concert.  Some had t-shirts with the lads faces on them, while others wore outfits that kind of symbolized something the boys would wear. After seeing all the suspenders people were wearing in homage to Louis I regretted wearing mine. I hadn't even thought about it like that. They were cute with my high waisted shorts and crop top, so I wore them. I hadn't even stopped to consider I looked like a girl Louis, well not really but kind of. As we walked closer to the coliseum to find food the crowds of girls got more dense and more obnoxious. I gritted my teeth and thought to myself that I came to see the boys and I'll put up with anything for Bianca's sake. I was about to jump ship and head back to the hotel but I guess she could read my mind and grabbed my arm and said, "no way are you leaving me with these crazy people" she gave me her most stern look 
"Bianca haven't you realized you're one of these crazy people?" I said with a smirk. She rolled her eyes at me a pulled me in tow towards the edge of the massive building. 
"where are we going?" I asked impatiently. 
" shut up and you'll see." Was her answer. As we rounded the corned I could hear the screaming. I started to turn the other direction to make my escape but Bianca held firmly onto my arm. Oh god, there were at least a hundred girls standing at the entrance for the busses. All of them were screaming at anything that moved. I looked over at Bianca to beg not to stay in this general area, but the look on her face changed my mind. She was smiling from ear to ear. I've never seen her so happy and I just couldn't burst her bubble. So I gritted my teeth and advanced with her towards the noisy crowed of hormonal girls. She was practically bouncing with energy and excitement. I decided it was best if I stood out of the way and stay clear of the crowed. I found the nearest wall where a group of parents stood. They had the same idea I did.

    I sat in a little cut out in the wall it was a perfect spot because i could still see the busses come in while keeping an eye on Bianca.  I could tell that something was about to go down because the number of security guards had almost doubled in just a few minutes, and they had aligned themselves along the barrier in front of the crowd. That's when I saw , a black van turn the corner towards the entrance. The guards tensed so I knew all hell was about to break loose. The girls didn't know whether to scream or not so it was quiet for a moment until a blonde head peaked out the front window and waved at the crowed. It was Niall, and the girls completely lost it. From up on my perch I had a perfect view and all I could do was smile. I looked over at Bianca and it looked like she had just seen a ghost, she was just standing there not moving an inch. I giggled at her reaction but what did you expect? it was Niall and that meant the rest of the lads weren't too far behind. Niall's head popped back into the van, and after a couple of seconds another head found its way out. This time it was Liam he smiled and said hello but you couldn't really hear him over the thunderous screaming. He waved at the crowed and tried to say something but it was drowned out by more hysteria. So he retreated back into the car. Next head to appear was Louis, but he had a megaphone in hand. Clever. He Turned it on and said "thank you so much for coming out! see you in a few" a chorus of girls yelled "we love you Louis!!" and he smiled and said "love you too loves" and he too retreated back into the van. And that was it. the gates opened and the black vehicle pulled off without another appearance. But that didn't stop the screaming, not for a second. They started chanting for Harry and Zayn since they didn't poke their heads out. I didn't blame them for not sticking their heads out, it was complete chaos!

The screams were still continuing, but I knew they weren't coming back, so I got down to find Bianca so we could get some food before the show. Little did I know how crowded every restaurant within walking distance would be, so after about an hour of searching we gave up and headed to the arena to get our seats. This was the point when I got really excited. I was about to see my favorite band preform live! This really was kind of surreal I mean we just saw 3/5 of them just an hour ago but I wasn't the same as seeming them in action doing what they love. Man our seats were prime! Dead center, a few rows off the floor. Couldn't get much better. I couldn't explain why but I had huge butterflies in my stomach like I was nervous. I started fidgeting with my bracelets. I looked over at Bianca, she didn't seem nervous at all, just extremely excited. Every couple of second while waiting she would just grab me and say "oh. My. GOD!" I would sheepishly smile back at her and continue to fiddle with my bracelets. What was wrong with me? I wasn't supposed to be nervous it's not like I was taking a math exam or anything. But then the lights dimmed and my heart started pounding. This was it, hope it's worth my money. Who am I kidding of course it'll be worth it! Liam ran out first fallowed by the others. My eyes immediately landed on Harry. He looked great, well they all did. But he stole my attention from start to finish. They opened with "na na na" and closed with "I want" It was fantastic they were amazing live and were a great laugh as well. The same idiots I thought they were. They completely killed it and I was grinning and singing along the whole time. I don't think Bianca stopped screaming once. There goes her voice. But I think it was worth it. 

We waited till some of the people had cleared out a bit before finally leaving the arena. I really just wanted to go back to the room and crash. It had been an event filled day and I was beat and on top of that I was really hungry. Room service was calling my name. But Bianca begged to go back to the bus entrance to see if we could find the lads. I sighed in protest. I knew I would never win the argument so I caved and agreed. When we went around the corner there were maybe twice as many girls there this time. Shit. But I let Bianca brave the crowd while I sat in the same cut out as before. I had a feeling we would be there for a while and my stomach was growling at me. I needed food, like now. So I waved my arms at Bianca to tell her to stay. She gave me a thumbs up so I guessed my message was understood. So I hopped off and made my way to find food. It turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Somehow along the way I got turned around and had absolutely no idea where I was or how to get back. Just great. Why does this shit always happen to me? I looked around frantically hoping to see anything that looked familiar, but of course I didn't. Fan-fucking-tastic. Now what? Well first things first, I had to find food. Two blocks down I saw the comforting sign of the golden arches. Thanks god! So I hurried down the street to get my much needed food. After I was nice and full of chemical laden yet delicious food I decided it was time to find my way back to the arena. I took a deep breath and headed out the side door. I decide the faster I found my way back the better. I really didn't want Bianca to worry. I retraced my steps the best I could and I found an alleyway that cut through the side of the arena. I figured that it would lead me straight to the bus entrance. It was hidden behind a small fence so most people would have walked past it. Seemed safe enough to me. So a started a brisk pace down the alley. As I walked past a door I obviously didn't notice it swung open and hit me square in the face and I landed flat on my ass. 
"ow shit!!" I said as my butt made contact with the unforgiving ground. 
"oh shit, I'm sorry I didn't see you you there." Said a rich husky voice. I was soo done with the day I was about to lay into this ass whole for knocking me down like this. I mean really, who hits a girl in the face with a door. But when I looked up to give him a piece of my mind all my thoughts were lost instantly. The face I was now looking upon was Harry Style. Well isn't this just dandy. 

***** chapter 2****

After that Slightly awkward conversation, Harry continued to stare at me with an amused look. 
"so what exactly are you doing in this alleyway? Nice people don't hang out in allies, you could be an axe murderer for all I know." he finally said.
" oh darn you caught me I was just dumping a body." I said sarcastically. He chuckled. Note to self, Harry's laugh is one of the cutesy sounds I've ever heard.  
"actually hot shot, i seemed to be lost. I was trying to find my way back to the time Warner arena to find my friend, until you assaulted me with a door." I explained 
" you're in luck, because this is the arena you standing next to. And uh, sorry about the door. You okay?" I hadn't really assessed the damage yet so I looked down at my hands. They were covered in cuts some not so bad, others... Not pretty. Just awesome. I checked the rest of my body for any more scrapes. So far it was just my hands and elbow that were pretty banged up. I could feel a bruise forming on my bum as we spoke. Harry took one of my hands to inspect, but I pulled it away "I'm fine." I said. 
"I'm sure I can find you a bandaid or something" he feebly offered. I refused and he stepped closer to get a closer look at the damage. 
Man I really just needed to sit down I was feeling dizzy and my head was throbbing from where the door made contact with my face. I put my hand on my head to find that wasn't the best idea. I pulled my hand away to find blood on my hand. Harry noticed and said something that sounded like "you should get that checked out" or maybe it was "let's get takeout" I couldn't tell because the next second I collapsed.
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