Will it be him or you

All Alyssa wanted was to meet her teen hearthrobe for her 18th birthday,one direction.she never was the one to get over excited age wouldn't cry if she met them ever.niall was the cutest one to her but she also loved zayn he was so romantic a bit more then Niall she thought but when she meets the bit meaning to her whole world may be turned around will Niall and zayn hold up enough to keep the band together or will they go their ways


5. Perrie

Aylssas P.O.V
"I'm so scared"
"don't be they very sweet they accepted each other"
At the house Eleanor and danielle and the others pulled it the drive way at the same time"
"lucky timing"
Kisses hugs missed to blah blah blah
Zayn and Harry just stood there clause they have no one
"Eleanor hon can u do something u and Danielle need to be complete snobs like some stars"
"ok but y"
"she needs a laugh her and zayn and niall was in a bid triangle she picked Niall"
"ok cone on Danielle"
"so Niall this is the girl u got what carrier are u going to be hun a actress singer dancer band
"I am your age hAha u don't have to talk to me like I'm 15 I am 18 today and very very short and no no no no in going to be a photographer but I am not yet in collage I will have to take it online cause my stepfather doesn't want me to go to collage"
"uh Eleanor"
"uh what"
Niall got a text from Lou saying go with it"
"hajaha Danielle u here this she is going to be a photographer"
"well I like it and I always have"
"well no wonder she can't dance she is sooo tiny"
"and I can see a actress from a mile away and u r not one of them and look at this hair and these clothes I mean really do u shop a justice u would have to UR so short"
Louis seen that aylssa was getting very scared they hate her
"what do u want Louis I'm busy"
" come here"
"excuse me"
"cut it now"
"I do know how"
"think of something"
"yay :/"
"now that we have u round our finger and we could make you do anything we want we aren't going to cause we r just like u we love photography too and think its u t dating Niall we love how wavy your hair is all u have to do is brush it abs it's perfect and I love your clothes mostly those boots were did u get them
"omg I thought u guys hated me and I know who did this it wasn't Liam zayn or Harry cause they have a look like what just happened I think Louie did this and Niall knew about it and I got this yesterday Niall and I went to the mall then it was as friends a d he picked these up at urban outfitters he actually really knows what I like and what I don't he picked our all my clothes yesturday even this I have on"
"wow Niall didn't know u had a good style scene"
Zayns cell rang and he said hey hun sorry i left I needed to di some stuff with the boys I wil call u back or bye love u"
"zayn was that the girl from the club"
"yes it was but I knew this girl u guys didn't know that abs in dating her"
"well who was it then"
"mumbles it was Perrie"
Mumbles Perrie
"It was Perrie ok I'm with Perrie
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