Will it be him or you

All Alyssa wanted was to meet her teen hearthrobe for her 18th birthday,one direction.she never was the one to get over excited age wouldn't cry if she met them ever.niall was the cutest one to her but she also loved zayn he was so romantic a bit more then Niall she thought but when she meets the bit meaning to her whole world may be turned around will Niall and zayn hold up enough to keep the band together or will they go their ways


3. My love or my life love

In her head she told did this really just happen then she thought about how much time she put in to know about Him but she really know nothing only his age gav color where he was born and how he acts but I never knew he was so sweet and romantic not to notice his great fashion sense haha but cause I'm me zayn got into my head I said no loud and Niall stopped and looked at me
"no aylssa in sorry okay its just that you are a beautiful girl and so sweet that's y u need to tell you something"
"what is it??!!"
"zayn likes you too a lot but as do I please don't take this as we r using u but zayn is going to take you out tomorrow okay and just see who you like more do t pretend to not have fun for me okay"
"sigh okay I will try and I have to tell u something don't think it is because I wish u were him but zayn popped in my head cause I kindly like him too but seems one direction formed on that show I didn't sleep until I found out everything about you but then I seen zayn I thought is so romantic but now I know you are too"
"he is well come on we should be getting back it's 3am and we have been gone since 1pm that's over 12hours and most was you shopping
"you shouldn't talk you go as much stuff as me"
"but I can I am famous ha jokin in not like that"
"ha ha ha btw that pinstripe
hat is ugly"
"what no it isn't I like it"
"if u say so"
"want to walk back"
"what about the car"
"covered it Louie and Harry r getting it"
"that's like a hour away though you already spent o we half a day with me in sure you don't like me that much"
"no that's wrong if I needed to I would spend every minute of the day with you and only you
"haha it's cute when u say Awh"
They talked all the way home they each knew everything about each other and what there life is like
" oh we r here"
"if you want I can take the floor"
"oh no its ok u deserve as much as I can give you"
"well I have a idea the bed is a queen we both could sleep on the bed like we stay on one side
"um ok if that's what you want but what of someone walks in on us while we r asleep"
"they won't they all know I'm here"
"well ok I will sleep over the covers u can sleep under"
"come one Niall I trust u okay"
"okay well I'm going to go change in some different clothes in the washroom be back "
About the time aylssa put her hair down from the braid zayn can out from the closet in the bedroom
"omg zayn y r u in here did u need something"
"no I heard everything u said to Niall u knew hit for one day and your sleeping with him ha
That time Niall walked in the door
"u r nothing but a slut aylssa can't believe I was going to take u out tomorrow"
Aylssa started to cry cause she thought about how her step father said she was no good and no thing but a slut
"Niall y is he doing this"
She ran to Niall and stayed behind him
"he isn't like this love zayn r u drunk"
"a bit maybe y do u care little boy"
"I am not little ok and r all the boyms drunk"
"u r little and yes they r but not Liam of course cause he is scared to even have a sip"
"look zayn Liam yeah he has one kidney ok NIALL IS NOT LITTLE HE TWICE THE MAN YOU WILL EVER BE AND YOU NEVER EVER EVER CALL ME SLUT AND YOU NEVER TALK ABOUT NIALL LIAM OR ME and if u think this is my bad side oh u just wait
Then Liam got up and can in Nialls room
"woe what is going on in here"
"it's zayn liam he is drunk he said all but I r drunk and he also said that I was a slut cause I trust Niall enough to sleep in this bed too because I trust he will stay on his side and he called Niall little cause he is shorter and younger a d worst of all he said u aren't drunk cause u r scared to drink even though you have one kidney and he knows that"
"ok even if he is drunk that's low and none of the other boys are drunk we were here all night on twit am zayn said he was going out do we let him just you two go on to sleep ubwillvtake him to his room with harry and he will gmbe on in the morning
"ok that's Liam night "
"goodnight aylssa night Niall"
Next morning aylssa got out of bed and seem zayn in the kitchen
"oh god"
"I'm sorry alyssa in not a happy person when i drink"
"still that is so low"
"I know in sorry it's just u and Niall out together"
"look everyone gets a second chance this one is yours down mess it up
"that's and I wont so happy birthday we have plans for u we have a party like thing set but then me and u r going out later"
"omg I forgot Niall said happy 18th when we were eating at the mall last night at 12 and I didn't know what he was talking about"
"haha yeah Niall he never forgets "
After the party zayn and Aylssa went out to a lake and swam and it was ok but cold then they was getting dressed they was going to get something to eat and back at the house Niall had also left to get a bite to eat he didnt even know where zayn and aylssa were he couldn't they were on the other side of the road then zayn seen a window as aylssa said come on zayn to cross the road when she thought it was safe zayn didn't pay any notice to her and he just looked at himself and aylssa went on then Niall seen a car racing 100mph at aylssa right there in front of him zayn looked at that through the window and ran through the busy cars looking for here then the traffic stopped and he seen aylssa hugging and crying in Nialls arms
"aylssa are you okay!!"
"I think so Niall but you know a car ran over my father I thought I was going to die right then lithe my father"
"shhh don't think like that zayn is right here okay I'm not going to take away from your time with him okay"
"no no in not even looking at him he didn't even watch me walk cross the road to see if I was ok or not that is just how vien he really is"
"he didn't even see the car aylssa he didn't mean it"
"still if he didn't mean it I am going with you I want to go back to Harry's house please"
"zayn is that ok with u I mean i didn't even mean to run in to u
"if that's what she wants take her back it's ok
"ok thanks come on aylssa I am picking up done food I ordered then we can walk on home"
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