Will it be him or you

All Alyssa wanted was to meet her teen hearthrobe for her 18th birthday,one direction.she never was the one to get over excited age wouldn't cry if she met them ever.niall was the cutest one to her but she also loved zayn he was so romantic a bit more then Niall she thought but when she meets the bit meaning to her whole world may be turned around will Niall and zayn hold up enough to keep the band together or will they go their ways


4. I love you

Aylssas P.O.V
Back at the house Niall and aylssa came Back.
"I told you were with zayn aylssa"
"um no Louie he well I guess I can say that Niall saved my life"
"it wasn't like that Lou I seen a car coming towards her that zayn didn't see cause he was looking at himself in a window not looking after her so I grabbed her"
"my god u could have died mate and don't u think it is a bit over reactive to leave him like that"
"no I don't Louis my father was killed like that I thought I was going to die like him right then"
"oh god in sorry I di-
"it is okay Lou u didn't know no oneknows not even my family other then my mom we tone them he left only u and Niall and don't tell a fly please"
"I won't love but di you know who we r seeing today
"Eleanor and Danielle yay!!!"
"yay!!! Umm omg will they accept be me they are like famous and im just a girl Niall met in a movie theater
"oh yesss they ate very sweet girl"
"I hope"
"u all can have a girlfriend party yaaaaaa!!!!"
"ye- ugh what girlfriend like one word"
"well duh"
"Lou me abs aylssa aren't dating friends only"
"come on niall u walked in holding hands u have left her sleep on u slept in the same bed went out together allll day u saved her life and mostly of all u kissed"
"what how do u know this stuff"
"seen her sleep seen her and u with the hands oh I also see u have tears on your shirt and your face is puffy so u have cried together and Liam told md that u slept like that and that Nialls lips were red and aylssa had on red lipstick u might as well call it dating I don't think boys and girls as friends hold hands sleep in the same bed or kiss"
"ok if it makes u happy Lou aylssa is my girl--friend
"and Niall is my boy-friend
"no put it together
"and boyfriend"
"what on earth is it Lou we r on twitcam"
"even better"
Everyone types who is aylssa
"I will show u her my loves"
Louis picks her up are throws her oeuvre his shoulder
"louissss me down Louis stopppp"
"here she is"
Everyone said she is Chinese"
" I am nOt Chinese well a bit 25% and50% American and Niall listen you will like this 25%irish
"where do u know this"
"my grandmother wax Chinese and grandfather was Irish di my mother wa half Chinese half Irish
So my mother makes me 25% Chinese my father makes me 50% american and my mother make me 25% Irish"
"and that was this special edition of talking history with aylssa James"
"shut up Niall u r mean"
"we now no y Niall also has a additude he is Irish so is aylssa baha"
"oh be quiet we don't have a additude oh don't hate me guys I know I am dating your celb crush sorry"
"they don't hate u they r all saying u r pretty and stuff
"awhhbthanks in sure all u guys are too!!"
"I'm sure u are"
Kisses Louie stands in front of them and goes beeeeeeeep censored
" when did my twitcam become a love story viewer desecration is advised"
"fine we will just leave then Liam"
"hahaha ok then bye"
"Niall I think u should call zayn and tell him ton come back and in sorry but I was him when I was 15 and it just brings back memories up im sorry I just over reacted and in ok now I just think it won't work for us now it isn't him thou it's just it won't work but I want to be friends tho
"I don't think he will answer buy ill try "
"what is it Niall in a bit busy"
"aylssa said she is di sorry and she wants to be friends
"who's aylssa baby"a women's voice said
"who was that zayn Malik arecu doing what I think your doing"
"what di u think I'm doin"
"u r at a bar trying to pick up a girl zayn that's low and disrespects women completely
"what he's at a bar!"
"don't worry about it hon he isn't worth it"
"ok but still"
"lou I need u to do something since u have a girlfriend s and zayn isn't mad at u
"uh Niall I also have a girlfriend Niall"
"yeah but u wil be di mad after what I tell u that u would kill me
"why don't me and Liam go"
"ok fine both go zayn is very string anyways"
"what r we going to do fight him"
"if it comes to that yes zayn is at a bar trying to be mean to aylssa trying to say he can get any girl ad it is your lose that he is gone di you need to get him out before he makes a bad mistake"
"ok then"
"Niall Please it isn't going to help the band be ok"
"it isn't going to help us"
"I have a good idea Louis wear a scarf"
"uh ok"
"we r all going"
"uh r u sure"
Arriving at the bar harry knew he would be at the closest one
Nialls P.O.V
"I'm so scared this going to rip the band apart Louis "
"I think we should trust aylssa i think she might just save this band"
"I hope so still my and zayn won't be the same"
" u can try"
"Lou liam get him out and Niall put this onn and get in the car and Harry turn the music or air on as loud as u can Niall lye in the back seat with loud scarf around your eyes"
"what r u goin kidnappin me "
"please I think only this time"
"yesss I think now here go
Aylssas P.O.V
"found him aylssa"
"k hold let me talk to Niall for a sec"
"if anything happens (kisses him) I love you"
"u wwhat!"
"I love u Niall James horan ok"
"I-I love you aylssa Marie James (kisses)"
"ok look look zayn what is your prob u need to stop just cause I walked away maybe I over reacted but that's no reason to mess up your life and almost probably get someone pregnant because after u do y will so regret it u have a big carrier y would t even be there for the kid if u didn't leave i got scared ok I didn't know what to do between u and I know it's hard but it is beyond Niall period the reason I got freaked is cause my father died that way he got ran over ok"
"but aylssa"
"look zayn I am goin to make this easier for all of us"
"kiss me and be for real if u feel a thing and I will be truthful too if I feel anything Niall Isnt seeing this or hearing so don't tell him"
"ok I will"
"ok"(kisses for 10seconds)
"u feel a thing zayn"
"u r beautiful and I wish I did but no u?"
"no so is this over"
"yes I guess so"
"good so go say sorry to Niall but don't tell him anything"
"so Niall look in real sorry I just got in the way I am real happy for both of u me and aylssa are ok d me and u
"yeah we're good"
"great vas happening now Eleanor and Danielle r coming over
"ok let's go then
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