Will it be him or you

All Alyssa wanted was to meet her teen hearthrobe for her 18th birthday,one direction.she never was the one to get over excited age wouldn't cry if she met them ever.niall was the cutest one to her but she also loved zayn he was so romantic a bit more then Niall she thought but when she meets the bit meaning to her whole world may be turned around will Niall and zayn hold up enough to keep the band together or will they go their ways


6. He won't hurt you again

Louie's P.O.V
"whoa what zayn r u ever going to let her go"
"no I guess I'm not but I really love her Lou please accept it"
"after what she zayn are I crazy!!??"
"everyone should get one more chance"
"yeah one more chance to cheat again maybe even more then 3 maybe 12"(only for the story guys)
"whoa ok hold up Lou breath and he is right Lou one more chance"
"sigh ok one chance"
"thank you let's go in side"
Aylssas P.O.V
"what to do know"
"truth or dare??"
"sure good idea dani"
"ok Lou go first here is a bottle"
It landed on me
"oh dear god"
"truth or dare"
"ummm dare"
"ok kiss someone in this room for at least 2minutes"
"oh lord ok"
Niall perched his lips
"who said I was going to kiss u"
"I'm kidding bit only 2minute not more and no more then a kiss I believe u shouldn't do a think until marriage"
"I don't either and I will set the timer I don't trust Lou"
"smart one"
He started the timer fir 2minutes and he put his warm soft hand on my cold face I guess he felt I was cold so he put his hands on my arms and pulled them up to his neckband put his hand around my waist then I thought what if my father seen this he would kill me well step father then I heard the timer ring it scared me half to death that I jumped into Nialls lap
"whoa what is it"
"it scared me to death"
Everyone laughed
"el your turn"
It landed on Louis
"truth or dare"
"ok I dare u to change clothed with the person to your left"
He looked a Harry and said ok come on
They came back and Harry looked so odd with blue skinny jeans and a blue abs white strip shirt and over Rawls Lou looked like a normal boy which was odd for him
"whoa tweeting this omg I have a million followers from 20 to this
"well done of then are us bit they must have seen us on twitcam"
"anyways let me get a pic"
"ok liam go on
It was on dani
"truth or dare"
"ok how many guys have u dated"
"2 not counting u"
"ok dani your turn"
"truth or dare"
"ok um lick one thing in this room"
She licked her phone
It landed on zayn
"truth or dare
"lick the bottom of your shoes"
He did
"ok me"
Landed on Harry
"truth or dare
"ok ummm I don't know what to ask"
Niall whispered to me what to ask and I did
"if u r the flirt and can talk to girls y don't I have a girlfriend
"umm well cause its a choice"
"truth or dare"
"change shoes with the person to your right"
El had on heels boot heels
They changed and changed back
On liam
"truth or dare"
"say u hate toystory"
"I ---hhhatte tooooy sstorry"
"very good who's its 1am lets go to bed
"aylssa babe can I ask u something"
"sure what"
"why do u were your hair to the right"
"my uh stepfather wants me to so I do"
"shouldn't u have a say"
As aylssa put her hair up in a bun Niall seen she has a scar bruises and what looked like choke marks on her neck
"what happened on your neck"
"oh um my step I mean I uh I I fell when I was little"
"Aylssa u can tell me the truth I won't tell a soul"
Nialls P.O.V
I asked and the next thing I knew she was crying on my chest
She said it was her step father her mother won't believ her and he doesn't even touch her mother and makes her wear hair to the left so her mother doesn't see then that just made me want to go punch him
"shh listen does he work"
"yes in the day my mom at night so it gives him all night to hurt me but y"
"have u told your mum about us"
"no I mean I really should"
"me u and the lads will go to your home tomorrow and tell her"
"um ok hey Niall just talking about this scares me can I sleep with u tonight"
"yeah come on love"
That noting Niall said we had to go to aylssa home bit didn't say y so they came
They knocked at the door
Aylssas P.O.V
"hey mum"
"hey hun are these your old friends"
"do u know who these boys are"
"wait blonde talk and u too brown skin"
"I'm Niall
"I'm zayn"
"r these boy that band u love"
"yes they r mum I met them at the movies the curly one lives about a hour up the road so yeah me and the blonde are kinda dating I'm sorry I didn't say right away where u was I didnt want u to freak"
"oh it's ok hun know I know y so is he treating u ok"
"yes mum very well"
"well mum do u remember since dad died I said as long as I love u I wont hurt myself"
"yes I do I trust u wouldn't"
"I didn't bit someone else did I told Niall I hope u will believe him cause u wouldn't believe me when I told u"
Niall moved my hair to my right shoulder
"I know that she told her but u didn't think it was so I asked about it and I knew she wasn't lying u could just tell she wasn't if she was she wouldnt of cried for 2hours"
"hun this is to big to be your hand well any of the boys also so who"
"I told u before mum it was (crying) Dave"
"oh shhhhhh hun look it is almost 5 u know he comes gone to eat and goes back until 9 and it is 4:45 u need to go but before that I know he did that to u before u told me I said u were with some friend for a week and I told him he punched me in the arm I said stop he didn't buy he is after u jr is tracking your phone I am sorry but he may be here in a few minute"
"whos whatttt no in calling 911mum
"please do I don't know if they can find him though
"911 what is your emergency"
"hello my stepfather Dave wreight is tracking my phone to hurt mr and my mother help please I'm at________________(the address)
"stay calm and on the line police are on their way"
They came before her stepfather was there
"hey Hun u have anything to eat and y r there cop car outside"
"hey Dave"
"Carlo y r u here"
"Dave u r under arrest for the abuse of Emily and aylssa James
"what no I haven't touched them"
"y do they have this on them"
"that wasn't me"
"give in Dave they haven't took a shower since y last touched them your dna is on the injuries
"what hahahaha ok fine u got me I didn't take me"
"mum I'm so sorry"
"no I should have believed u sweety I'm sorry and I don't think I I'm getting married again so soon"
"Awh mum"
"now what"
"hey I know what Niall u and I did say last night u wanted me to come with u guys back on tour soo can my mum come"
"oh I don't know about that Hun I have things to do I he e a job"
"please mum"
"ok I'll come I promise I won't get in the way and happy birthday UR 18!!
"yeah she can come and happy birthday live muah
"ok u can't do that in front of me
Lou leans over and says u get use to it
"let's see u ate Niall zayn Harry Louie Louis is the real name though and Liam and this girl is Eleanor Louie's girlfriend and dani is Liam's girlfriend
"very good and zayn got back with his ex last night named
"ummm oh Perrie"
"u will do fine mum let me get my clothes and stuff like that packed and we will be on the wat and mum u have to get use to me sleeping with someone swears I won't do a thing he and I don't think like that until after a marriage had been done

The end I know it was short I will have many more stories that one was like a sample though
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