Will it be him or you

All Alyssa wanted was to meet her teen hearthrobe for her 18th birthday,one direction.she never was the one to get over excited age wouldn't cry if she met them ever.niall was the cutest one to her but she also loved zayn he was so romantic a bit more then Niall she thought but when she meets the bit meaning to her whole world may be turned around will Niall and zayn hold up enough to keep the band together or will they go their ways


2. Faith?

The next morning aylssa woke up but not in her bed
Aylssas P.O.V
"where am I at"
"with me" a Irish boy said
"who was that"
"that was Niall haha I am glad u woke up it is 12:30 I stayed awake the whole night down here"
"where am I at"
I got up slow and looked IT WAS NIALL I was in shock
"omg it u
"Its me! Haha fan?"
"ummm huge where am I at"
"you love r at Harry's home
"WHAT why"
"do you member what happened"
She looked blank
"last night you dell asleep on me we met at the movies we woke you but u was so tired that u didn't even talk but u walked to the car but u fell avid hit your head u passed out but we took u to the doc but u were okay we just had to wait or u to wake up so we took u here and that's it
"yeah now here r some clothes get dressed we r going out
"um excuse me"
"please I don't think this happened for not reason"
"umm ok u e lucky u told my mom I was going to get a motel cause I live a hour away
Nialls P.O.V
"okay she is awake she is so sweet and guess what she is a fan of the whole band but me the most haha I know this seems crazy but I think I love her"
Come on Niall one night and u love her"zayn looked at him while saying his words
"well I don't think it was just a so happening we met her"
"I'm zayn let me talk to Niall for a minute okay said Louis
"look Niall in not getting in this bit zayn said he likes her too"
"what no this is not good at all"
"I know it isn't look today you have a whole day even night of you want with her then zayn will see how she acts happier don't you want her happy even if it isn't with you
"well yeah bu-"
"shh she is coming"
"imma ask
"hey aylssa"
"want to gO with me"
"anywhere everywhere where so you wanna go"
"well you will where I want to go"
"No I won't where"
"well I would like to go shopping don't worry I have like 600 dollars"
"oh ok and sure we can go shopping let me text my mom and say I am spend a week with my old friends so she don't freak and I will be here for a while"
"a week!!"
"well yeah is that ok"
"oh yeah sure we will be here for a m-"
"a month I know you got in yesterday night and seen a movie
"how did you know that "
"u think I don't keep up"
"oh yeah well your car is outside Liam drove it back"
"thanks good I have clothes in there"
"do get ready"
While aylssa was getting ready Niall was talking to Harry
"I told her what happened wevr going out and hanging today "
" here she comes"
"he-woe u look great"
"ha thanks you to"
" ready to go"
"yeah first stop mall"
"as you wish love@z
As aylssa talk Niall put the tunes on low the song boyfriend by bieber came on
"omg turn it up I love this song"
"haha you like bieber"
"Yepp love like u"
"well cool and we r here"
As aylssa dragged him around Niall also got some things as they got to the last store it was a dress store
"oh god"
"be ready honey I waited for this store all day"
"y do u need a dress"
"what if I need to go somewhere fancy or meet someone"
"yeah meet someone"
"look at this one abs this one ouuuu this one okay see of these look good on me
"sigh ok"
"this one?"(little red dress with a flower a big on)
"um no"
That a man can and said u r in for a long night with watching your girlfriend try clothes on
"oh no"
"no me and him are friends hehe"
"oh sorry"
"okay that was yeah this one"(orange with a shimmer to it)
"this one"(pink long with diamonds)
"really ok then this one"(green with a bow)
"that's it"
"really u sure"
"yesss uv look beautiful
"can we go now
" yes we can"
"want to get done ice cream"
"great I know where to go too"
"u will see "
"uhhhh ok"
They arrived at a pond and it was a pond under a full moon and they got done and ate by the pond
"aylssa can I ask you something"
"yeah sure"
"do you believe in....faith"
"do you"
"um well yeah haha I do"
"okay please don't move and okay good I think faith is y we r here
Niall leaned in genteelly and kissed aylssa for about a minute
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