Will it be him or you

All Alyssa wanted was to meet her teen hearthrobe for her 18th birthday,one direction.she never was the one to get over excited age wouldn't cry if she met them ever.niall was the cutest one to her but she also loved zayn he was so romantic a bit more then Niall she thought but when she meets the bit meaning to her whole world may be turned around will Niall and zayn hold up enough to keep the band together or will they go their ways


1. Sound familiar

Alyssa's P.O.V
"I can't wait to go see paranormal activity 3 I have been waiting forever"
"I know u have honey but I am afraid I can't go like you wanted me to your father-
Aylssa cut her mother off with"he isn't MY father he is his pointing at her baby brother"
"aylssa please he is your father now and adien is your brother and I was saying he is sick
"good and I know adien is my brother I love him but you can't replace dad"
"I know you miss I do to it was just his time hun u have to know tha"
"I do know that okay I have to love you,lOvevyou adien bye"

Aylssa was still shocked at what happened her father was shot only 3years ago and her mother married again a1yeat ago.her step father hated her for no reason.they moved for him for Scotland to London
"yessss I am so ready for this"as she got a ticket a drink and walked in
" she set behind 5 boys not knowing who it was but that was the last think on her mind plus it was dark so she couldn't see a thing now…now it was about the middle of the film and she had run out of soda and the ice melted so she took the lid off and got up…about that time the middle boy out his arm not knowing I was behind him he hit the cup and I got melted ice all over him
"I am soooo sorry here r some towels"
The voice said "thanks it was my fault though sorry"
The voice sounded so familiar then the voice beside him said great going also sounded familiar
I thought if if I knew them then It hit me they sounded like Niall and Louis even the little fight they had but u thought no way and I couldn't see them anyways
I walked back and I had some popcorn too again the same one came back and hit the popcorn bit none fell he looked back and he went to say sorry again but the room lit up so I could see their faces all facing me I said oh it was ok in shock not knowing what hit me Niall and zayn looked at me like I was the only girl ever like I was beautiful zayn said to me why don't we move up there so that we don't hit u no more Niall said ok excitedly so I set between Niall and zayn it was shocking still I was now very focus movie and u was now so I was so scared and I finally screamed so loud zayn and Niall looked at me but Niall said to come here closer and the rest of the night I was buried in his chest at the end I fell asleep
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