Days With Daisy

My name is Julia and this is my first Movella. I decided to write about a girl named Daisy who is madly in love with Louis Tomlinson. She has a weird way of finding him. Find out what happened and how it effects their lives.


9. What?!?!

Recap~Shane raped me, I'm with Lou, he had something to day to me...

"And that would be?..."I started

"Uhm, me and El broke up..."he seemed disappointed. Not sad. Disappointed.

"That's terrible Lou. Why??"

"I caught her sleeping with another man... In my bed..."

"Told ya she was a slut." I tried to lighten the mood.


"What happened while I was out?"I questioned.

"Shane's arrested, mass repistry **cough cough** man-slut **cough cough**"

"Haha... Was that all you wanted to tell me?"I asked. I was hoping Lou was gonna add a few things...

"No... I wanted to say one more thing... I-I love you. Always had."That's what I wanted to hear.

"For realziez??"I was shocked but happy

"Ya. What do ya say. Be mine?"

"Of course!!"just my luck. Harry waltz in. With a feel-good bery-hairy teddy bear. Wow.
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