Days With Daisy

My name is Julia and this is my first Movella. I decided to write about a girl named Daisy who is madly in love with Louis Tomlinson. She has a weird way of finding him. Find out what happened and how it effects their lives.


4. The flat

~daisy's~ P.O.V

We left and the seating arrangements in the car were: Louis driving, Liam in the passenger seat, Niall behind Lou, Mickey on Niall's lap, Zayn in the middle, Harry behind Liam, and me on Harry's lap.

"Now don't get to comfortable back there you two!" Louis screeched. Ahh Louis always there to lighten up the mood and burst my eardrums, just like I remember. "Oh by the way curly she's mine!"

About ten minutes into the ride I got bored, so I reached over and picked Louis' cheek.

"Hey!! Don't distract the driver young lady!"

"I am in fact not a young lady! I am a goldfish cracker always baked and made with real cheese" I declared.

The whole car erupted into laughter! Lou reached over and turned the radio on. The song "Hal of fame" by the script came on. We all started singing and then I realized I was the only one who was still singing. Everyone else was just staring at me with shocked faces and dropped jaws. Well except Louis he was staring.

"What?! Was I really that bad?" I asked burying my head in Harry's chest.

"No love, you were incredible." Liam told me.

I blushed and buried my head farther into Harry's chest.

"Hey you two I thought I said 'don't get to comfortable'! Did I or did I not?!" Louis exclaimed.

"Hey Lou" I started sweetly. "Shut the fuck up and keep your eyes in the road.

"Well then! Hmph!"

"I only like Harry cause you and Mickey are meany head!"

Mickey and Niall were engaged in there own little conversation. Well at least hey we're until Mickey gear her name.

"Hey! What did I do?!"

"We'll you for one missy said that I didn't look fabulous this morning! And for two you were complained about how the line to see Lou was to long! As for you Mr. Tomlinson you are... Well I don't really know what you did so I wuv you boobear!"

"Don't worry love you are absolutely beautiful" Harry whispered in my ear.

I blushed and looked down. Harry grabbed my chin and forced me to look into his eyes.

"You look absolutely gorgeous when you blush" he whispered again.

"Harry as much as I appreciate your compliments I don't look 'beautiful' or 'gorgeous' ever. It's a miracle if I can even find a way to look presentable in the morning." I told him then looked down.

He grabbed my wrists and I flinched. He went to go pull up my hoodie sleeve but I stopped him... Well tried. He grabbed my sleeve and pulled it up. He gasped at what he saw.

"Why" was all he said.

"Harry please don't tell Louis" I begged.

He looks as if he was debating with himself whether to let it go or continue with the conversation.

"We're home!" Louis announced.

"Fine" he mumbled. "But we'll talk about this" he said gesturing to my wrists "later"

I just nodded then went inside.

A/N hey my little kangaroos! (Yeah I call my fans kangaroos get over it) well this chapter is longer. So... Um... Yeah comment your thoughts and opinions on this book!! Mwah!
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