Days With Daisy

My name is Julia and this is my first Movella. I decided to write about a girl named Daisy who is madly in love with Louis Tomlinson. She has a weird way of finding him. Find out what happened and how it effects their lives.


8. Shane.

~•~isn't my co-author amazing at writing?!?! TELL HER AND I SHALL LOVE YOU!!~•~
"Sup, slut."He cursed.

"Better than being a manwhore."I spat back at him.

"So, guess ya moved on. What about Louis Dicklinson? That dickhead. You still love him?"

"No shit, Dr. Watson."I cursed.

"Hate to break the reunion, but who is this guy?"

"Hoe."He mumbled.



"BITCH. Not you Harry. Bitch over there. Shane Fhinease Williuhm Duchamer. Or as I call him, bitch, cumt, man-slut, guy-whore, shitty ass, an many other things."

"Oh, YOU'RE the guy?"


"I think it's time for you to exit."Harry explained.

"Sorry, not, I can't do that, bitch and I have some... Unfinished business."

"Harry. Go. Call. The. Police."I commanded.

"Don't bother. It's not called rape if you like it."and with that he started undressing.

"What?"harry asked

"I ran away while he was trying to rape me. That's how we broke up. An I recall I said 'Call.The.Police.'"

"And I believe I said 'don't bother'."crap. He came closer. Then blacked me out.

I awoke in a damn hospital."Hello?"

"Thank the Lord you're fine."it wasn't Harry hugging me and kissing me right now... It was Lou.


"Look, Daisy, there's something I must say."

"And that is?"

"I GAVE YOU A CLIFFHANGER. BOOM. So do you like it? I'll take all ideas into consideration btw. LOVE YA
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