Days With Daisy

My name is Julia and this is my first Movella. I decided to write about a girl named Daisy who is madly in love with Louis Tomlinson. She has a weird way of finding him. Find out what happened and how it effects their lives.


6. Call to mom.

•••The last chapter was by me. (Cuts and Bruses.)•••
~HARRY'S POV~ I snuck into her room, locked the door, and I'm calling her mum. 3 rings and she picks up.

"Hello? Honey! I missed you! Hows Lou??"she spoke

"Hello, miss... This isn't Daisy. This is Harry Styles."

"Hello Mr. Styles. You can call me Lyndah if you want. Why do you call?"

"Umm, I was talking to your daughter and i asked her about her... Scars... And she couldn't tell me. She said you could though..."

"Yes. I can. Uh, when Lou left her.. He kept talking to her like old times. Then he didn't return her calls. He didn't text her back but with things like 'Sorry, love. Who are you gain?' and 'thanks for being an amazing fan!!' and she thought he ignored her and forgot her. So one day it got to her. It started with one and ended in many. I can't tell you all. She made me swear not to tell. So. That's what happened."She gave me that in formation. Wow.

"Thanks, Lyndah. A lot..."

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