One Direction One Shots

A collection of original one-shots...


3. III. Niall

You had won a contest to appear in you're favorite TV show. You are excited, but at the same time incredibly nervous. Your character on the show has to kiss a guest star.

There were two problems with that: 1. You had no idea who you were going to kiss; 2. You have yet to have your first kiss.

You show up at the set and get some scenes out of the way, but the closer you get to your kiss scene the more nervous you get. You're dismissed to your last break and when you walk into the break lounge you are surprised to see a guy already inside.

He was about eighteen, and had some messy blonde hair. He had his face in his hands, and you figured he must be the guest star. You closed the door behind you and the guy looked up. You froze. You would recognize those blue eyes anywhere.

The guest star was Niall Horan.

He smiled at you, and introduced himself politely. You two start talking, and it turns out he's just as nervous as you are. He's not much of an actor, he tells you, and you can't help but nod in agreement. After all, you've seen iCarly.

You tell him your own worries about having your first kiss televised. He listens, but for some reason, he won't look you in the eyes. After a while, you guys are called back onstage for your final scene. The kiss scene. You both get up slowly, and just as your hand touches the door, he stops you, and even more surprisingly, he kisses you.

He laughs at your questioning look. "I just thought you deserved to have a special, UN-televised first kiss."

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