One Direction One Shots

A collection of original one-shots...


2. II. Louis

Imagine: You had been secretly seeing Louis for almost three months now. You couldn't believe the press hadn't found out about you guys yet. You guys weren't really very secretive about your secret relationship. Anyways, it was getting close to your high school homecoming dance. You and Louis(and One Direction's management) had already decided that it was too risky to go with Louis. Management advised you to go with some friends, but Louis wouldn't hear it. "She deserves a date for her homecoming dance, just not someone better-looking than me." He added with a wink. The night of the dance, you show up with a large group of friends. You had told Louis that you found a close guy-friend to go with. What Louis didn't know was that your friend was really going with your best friend. You were sitting down at a table with a few single friends when you felt a tap on your shoulder. All of your friends had gone wide-eyed with surprise. You turn, and there he was. Clean black tuxedo, and hair all over the place, just how you liked it. He had a red rose in his hand and offered it to you. "Would you like to dance, beautiful?" He asked in a rather silly voice. You take the rose and smile. "I would like that very much kind sir," you answered in your own silly voice. He laughed and led you to the middle of the dance floor. After a few minutes of dancing in silence, you give him your own version of his trademark sassy look. "What?" he laughs. "Does management know you're here?" you ask, but knowing Louis, you were already sure what the answer was. "What they don't know makes them love me more." he answers, "Now, where's your date?" You tell him you had no date, and he shakes his head. "No one here had the nerve to ask you? How dare they!" he says, pretending to be mad. You laugh. "It's a good thing they didn't, you would've kicked their asses if they did." He smiles. "True, I'd hate to see my girl dancing with some other guy." You smile as he leans in for a kiss. "Now," he asks when you pull apart, "When's prom?"

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