One Direction One Shots

A collection of original one-shots...


1. I. Zayn

You've spent the summer together, but now Zayn has to go back to the UK. You guys decided to just stay friends, because neither of you guys wanted to deal with the whole long-distance thing. You try to put on a brave smile, but it hurts to watch him go. He boards the plane and you turn to leave. Before you even take one step, you hear Zayn calling your name. You turn around and see him running towards you. "Zayn, what the hell are you doing?" you yell, the tears you don't want him to see already starting to form. He holds your face in his hands and starts to wipe your tears with his thumbs. He looks you in the eyes and says: "I can't leave, I won't leave until I know that you'll still be mine. I know it'll be hard being so far apart, but it can't be as hard as it is knowing that there is even the smallest possibility of you finding someone else. Babe, I love you." He was crying now, too. You didn't know how to put what you were feeling into words. Instead, you just pulled him closer and kissed him. When you two pulled  apart, you whispered, "I love you too Zayn."

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