Dried Tears

I've always been an outsider, always. Both in social situations, and in family difficulties. Life has always been a challenge for me. Nothing has ever just fallen onto my lap, not a hope, wish or a dream. But I just want someone to talk to when I'm lonely, that someone to hold when I'm cold.


3. Sickness

The bus seems to be even more uncomfortable today. Maybe it was because it's the end of the year and it's getting sick of taking us to and from school. It's not like any of us actually want to go to school, I know I didn't want to. The dull scenery lost even it's greyish green. Leaving nothing but shades of greys, and the occasional pale black. I would read, but I wasn't in the mood to read about other people's problems. I have enough on my plate to think about at the moment.


The bus finally pulled into the school after 40 minutes listening to my music. The school was white, with a strange metal roof. It was flowing, like the curves you see between the two pieces of cardboard. The school logo hung on a random white wall next to the reception. I could understand why they would want to put the logo, but at the same time, it seems pointless. There was a sign outside of the green, sharp pointed gate stating the school's name. I don't think you need to point it out again, I think we get the idea. Especially since we attend here, or if we are visiting, I'm pretty sure even visitors know where they are.


I jumped off the bus, and automatically went inside. I saw no point in standing outside since I'm not waiting for anyone. I made my way to the science department, which was painted yellow. Not a pleasant yellow, a sickly bright yellow. My stomach suddenly knotted, and twisted around itself. Before I knew it, I was sprinting to toilets outside the department. I coughed and spluttered out the disgusting substance. What was with this random sickness? I don't know of any bugs or infections that could penetrate the body's defenses that quickly without giving any signs of illness. What could it be then?

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