Dried Tears

I've always been an outsider, always. Both in social situations, and in family difficulties. Life has always been a challenge for me. Nothing has ever just fallen onto my lap, not a hope, wish or a dream. But I just want someone to talk to when I'm lonely, that someone to hold when I'm cold.


1. Facts

My laptop has been like a sanctuary for me. The one place I can go to, to get away from life in general. Life for me is always crap, the scale of the shittiness tends to change. Unfortunately, it's normally on the upper end of the scales. Is God playing a game with me? Seeing how much depression it takes for someone to kill themself? That's definately how it feels to me. Well, the level seem to be quite high, and I'm starting to reach the brink of suicide. But, I'm gonna try and stay strong, I can at least try.


The words on the screen looked like squiggles of black and white to my eyes. But that just might be the tears rimming my eyes blurring my vision. And before you ask, I don't know why I'm crying. I just cry randomly, maybe it's from the usual emotional break downs I try to hold inside. Which normally words, but there are those times that grief and pain can just over throw you. Drown you in a world of depression and wrist slitting.

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