Murs Strikes Gold

Have you ever wondererd what it would be like if singing was an Olympic sport?...
Well i have...

This story is about a British Lad (Essex Geezer) called Olly Murs. You may know him or you may not. But anyway, the people incharge of the Olympics decided they wanted to spice things up a bit and add a new sport into the ones they already had. After months of debate, it was finally decided they would add singing to the lineup. A young lad named Olly Murs decided he would go on tryouts for Team GB! After qaulifying for the London 2012 Olympics, luck was definetly on his side!

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1. Deciding day!

6th July 2005,

"The 2012 Olympic Games are awared to the city of...... London!"

*crowd cheers*

15th October 2010,

Simon Cowell is having one of those thinking sessions 'again'. (a thinking session is where you sit and pull weird faces when you think of something i.e. thinking face). *door goes*. Simon openes the door and there standing infront of him is... Well of course its Barack OBama.
"Ah, Mr OBama, long time no see"
"I know Simon" *sings* "Where Have You Been All My Life"
"Dont start your singing again"
"I find it, amusing! I like to express my talent"
"Well Barack OBama, thats a big yes from me"
*both laugh*
"Why dont you come in and i'll make you a nice cuppa"
"Yeah, thanks Simon"
The conversation continues between Simon and Barack OBama for another few minutes and then Barack OBama says
"So Seemon, i was thinking, since the Olympics are going to be in London in 2 years, i was thinking, what do you think it would be like if..."
"Please dont tell tell me your going to say one of these stupid ideas like you always say"
"Well i'll let you judge that Simon. But i was thinking, what do think the Olympics would be like if singing was a sport?"
"What, like, a sport in the Olympics"
"Really?! Cause thats kinda like what X Factor is..."
"Ah, ok..."
"But if your up for it im up for it"
"Up for what"
"Up for getting singing into the Olympics"
"You would really do that with me"
"Yeah, why not"
*Barack mumbles* "Dream come true!..."

Days and weeks pass and Simon and Barack are getting a good respone from the Olympic Orginisers.

28th December 2010,

Its finally that day where we find out if singing will be in the Olympics.

"The final decision has been made. All 100 of our team has came to an agreement and we are happy and very confident that we have made the right choice. And our decision is that singing will be involved in the summer Olympics in London in 2012."

Simon says to Barack,
"We must have tryouts next week for Team GB"
"Erm... And what about Team USA"
"Well im sure someone there will deal with that"
"Well since im going back to USA next week i will deal with it"
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