The Moment I Met You

Emily wasn't a fan of one direction and she couldn't understand why everyone was so obsessed over them. She didn't bother to listen to there music and she couldn't handle looking at one picture of them. But as she waits for her friend at Nandos her favorite restraunt in London She Bumps Into to someone and instantly falls for him. What will happen as she discovers the truth and her past is brought up?


2. The Journey Begins



Me And Emily Bothed Agreed To Meet eachother at the train station because I still had to put makeup on. I walked into our bedroom and into the bathroom and put on a little mascara and Lip gloss. I Noticed I was ready when I heard a ding It was my phone I check to see what it was, It was a text from Emily telling me to take the long because there was a big traffic jam. I Sighed as i put  my phone in my back pocket and headed out the door.


I was all dressed up in my new dress that was yellow and had flowers on it I made sure to put cover on my scar like I always  since it happened. I Look in the mirror to put on some lip gloss and grab some yellow flats to match my dress and my favorite yellow bag, looked at the time and decided it was time to leave since me and Julie Decided I would leave first. I took one last look in the mirror as I was satified with my apperiance and went out the door.

"GO ALREADY!" A women in the care behind me started to scream. It had been A huge traffic jam. I decided to text Julie warning her not to come this way. 

 A sigh of relief came out as it was finally my turn to go. I was just pulling into the train station when i hit the cirb. "Oops!' I Shouted and continued slowly and gracefully.S


I was 15 Minutes away from the train station when What Makes You Beautiful By One Direction Came on. I turned it up glad Emily wasn't in the car cause she would force me to tun it off I don't know why she didn't like them i LOVED them. Niall was my favorite his cute Irish accent just made me shiver when ever I heard his voice on an Interview and what not.

The song finished and I hit a red light as i sat there day dreaming about Niall.s


I was waiting for Julie in the parking lot when A one direction song came on I let out a loud moan.

"You Don't Like them?" I voice sneeked up behind me It was a beauitful boy with brown hair. I  just stood there looking into his brown eye's I felt like l was in heaven. 

Finally he waved his arms infront of me signaling me to answer.

"Oh Sorry" I said as I started blushing. I looked to the ground as I answered his question still slightly embarrased "No I Don't well I don't know if I would in person but my gut instinct tells me that they aren't what everyone thinks they are''

He made I frown. But it turned to a smile. We chatted for a few more minutes then he left.

Just as he left Julie came just in time considering the train was literally about to leave without us. 'WAIT WAIT" We both hollered as they let us on the plane as we gave him our tickets. 

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