The Moment I Met You

Emily wasn't a fan of one direction and she couldn't understand why everyone was so obsessed over them. She didn't bother to listen to there music and she couldn't handle looking at one picture of them. But as she waits for her friend at Nandos her favorite restraunt in London She Bumps Into to someone and instantly falls for him. What will happen as she discovers the truth and her past is brought up?


4. Meet Up With One Direction



I was Nandos and I was waiting for Julie I started pacing and then Someone Bumped into me.

"OH I'M SO SORRY LOVE" He Hollered. As I looked into his amazing brown eyes I noticed it was the same guy who I saw at the train station. "Oh It's Fine" I let out a sobe and frowned. "I Remember you, your the girl who hates one direction." he said jokingly and gave me a wink. "This girl has a name!" I shouted back, and gave him a wink also "May I ask your name?" he said so Politely I couldn't help but gaze into his eyes. "Uhh...YEAH, It's Emily, Emily Foster" I Stutterted with embarssment  "I'm Liam, Liam Payne" Mocking the way I said it.

A few silent moments fill the air when i catch him sneeking glances at me. I Start to blush "So" He Said. "How about I bring you over to the table and help you clean up?" He asked "No it's" I Was Interupted "No Argument Your coming" he demanded.

I followed him to his table and saw 4 other guys sitting at it.

"Who's Your New Friend Here Liam?" One Male said.

"This is the girl Who i was telling you about who hates u... I mean One Direction" "I don't hate them " I corrected him "I just don't know them" I Finished  

They all snickered at my response. What was so funny? Were they laughing at me? Is my scar exposed? I started to worry my self. My thoughts were interupted by someone running up in tears

"Are You Guys One Direction?" She Said "Yes that's us" they all chorused. My mouth Droped I felt so bad so embarssed so confused. They signed her an autograph and she left. I knew I had to speak. But what could I say to make up for what I said? I Stood there in shock. So suprised. Finally someone broke the ice.

"Emily?" He said It was Liam I Snapped out of my thoughts to answer him. "uuhh.. I'm So terribly sorry for insulting you. I didn't mean to i wouldn't have said it if I knew it was you." "It's okay, it's not like you said we were bad people or anything. We understand that not everyone is going to like our music." Liam Told me.  He grabbed a kleenex and wiped off some mustard on my cheek. "What's that?" He asked he was pointing at my scar. "It's Uhh....." Tears formed in my eyes and went down my cheeks. I ran out As fast as a could. As i ran out i bumped into Julie she asked what had happened I told her the story still crying. 


What had I done? I felt so bad. 

"Guys?" I say. "I'm going to see what happened with her I feel Really bad" They nodded i headed out a million things on my mind. I wanted her in my life I don't Know why but there was something about her so real. So beautiful. "you realise your saying this all out loud, right?" A girl Holding Emily Said "Uhh......" I paused "I came to see if you were okay. I didn't mean to make you upset." "I'm fine it's just" She paused "it's Okay you don't need to explain yourself" I told her she breathed a sigh of relief.

"OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" her friend Shouted "what?" I asked. " Nothing " she was whisperng to Emily I Didn't know what she was saying.  JULIES P.O.V. "YOU DIDN"T TELL YOUR SECRET LOVER WAS LIAM PAYNE!!!!!" I Shouted thinking I whispered.

She and him both blushed. "Oops." I begin to apoligize. "Let's Just go inside" "Yeah you can both sit at mine and the boys table." Liam Grinned.


I walked in feeling very self causious, I knew everyone could tell "your beautiful even with your scar exposed" Liam said. I blushed and turned aroung quickly so he didn't notice."Thanks" I Say. half hour has passed and we are sitting awkwardly. "Wanna Come back to our hotel with us?, I mean only if you want" Liam said hopeful. 


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