The Moment I Met You

Emily wasn't a fan of one direction and she couldn't understand why everyone was so obsessed over them. She didn't bother to listen to there music and she couldn't handle looking at one picture of them. But as she waits for her friend at Nandos her favorite restraunt in London She Bumps Into to someone and instantly falls for him. What will happen as she discovers the truth and her past is brought up?


1. Getting Ready

"GET UP" I Heard My Bestfriend Julie Scream in my face "Were going to be late for our train to London" I totally forgot we were even going to London. 

I Shot right up from my bed and went into the bathroom. As I looked into the mirror my baby blue eyes popped out of my slightly tan skin and matched my curly black hair perfectly. But on my cheeck sat a little scar in a shape of a straight line. As I Looked at it A tear came into my eyes and ran down my cheek as it brought up horrible memories from the past. 

I couldn't helpn but let more and more tears come  down. Just as i thought I was gonna drown in all my tears in walked Julie's mother (I Lived with julie for the past month or so)

"It's okay darling I know the scars going to make you emotional but in the end everythings for the good,, god has a special plan for everyone of us and yours is just taking a little longer to brighten, but trust me dear as your Journey takes it's course everything will be okay" She always knew what to say all I could do was smile words wouldn't come out of my mouth. "You Should Get ready Dear" She said as she left the room. 

 I decided to take a shower hoping it would get my mind of things. I stripped off my clothes and turned the shower on as i hopped in. The Hot water felt so good on my cold body, I didn't bother to wash my hair because I had just had a shower the following night. as I was all finished i exited the shower and wrapped a towel around my body leaving the bathroom and entering my room,.

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