fairytales entering the time machine

We have all heard our parents telling us a bedtime story. We all know the stories of Cinderella, Snowhite, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and others. All of them are about a prince and a kingdom and love from first sight. But, what if there is no castle and a handsome prince? What if all of them are just normal people like you and me? And all of these stories are happening NOW? Not decades ago. In this story, like Disney movies do, I am going to tell the story with a bit of a twist. Hope you enjoy it!


3. The party

Ella, Sasha, Anya and Bella arived at the party. Shinning bright. The most beautiful in whole room. All looks on them. I suppose nonne of that would have happened if Alex had not made the dresses. After all the impression you give is all about your clothes. And, as all the fairytales tell, noone could recognise them. They were just the mystical beauties that nobody had seen, but suddenly they became the most popular subject at the party. Of course, they didn't just stand there and leave everybody to stare at them the whole time. And this is the more interesting bit.

About an hour after their arrival ...

Ella was just looking around and trying to mingle when her magical prince appeared.

- Hi.

She smiled. There was finaly somebody to talk with.

- Hello.

- I like your dress.

- Thank you.

She was a bit shy. She wanted to say some cool line, but nothing came to her mind.

- Where is it from?

- My friend made it.

- You have a good friend then. It's clearly the perfect dress.

The guy was not stopped by her short answers.

- Thank you. I would tell my friend what you said.

- It's not just about the maker.

Ella smiled without saying a word.

- So, are you just sitting here on your own?

- Yes.

- You are just one of those loners?

- No! Just ... my friends are ... somewhere not here.

- So you are alone?

- In a way.

- Then do you want to dance?

- No.

- No? You don't like me?

She laughed.

- I just hate this music.

- You do? Thank you! I hate it too, but I was going to pretend to like it, just so I can dance with you.

That made her laugh even more.

- What do you want to do then?

"Be wild" a voicein her mind told her. And she decided to listen. This was THE party and she was going to have fun, no regrets.

- Let's go upstairs.

- Are you planning to use me?

- I don't think you would hate it that much.

They both laughed and went upstairs.


Good for Ella! She got a boy. However Bella was not so lucky. Her prince did not attend this party. But there was a candidate for the spot.

Bella was talking with some random girl, whose name she didn't know, but it was still a pretty entertaining conversation, in her opinion. Suddenly, in the middle of her sentence the guy appeared out of nowhere and really rudely interrupted.

- Daisy( that was the name of the girl for your information), go and get a drink, I need to talk to this girl.

Daisy made an annoyed face and left.

- Hi, my name is Mr Cool and I think you are super hot.

- Hi, my name is Ms Not Interested and you are super anoying.

- Don't you think that's a bit rude?

- No, I do not. Now, if you don't mind, I will go and hide somewhere.

- Hide? From what?

- You.

- You are afraid that you actually like me?

- No, I am afraid that you actually will keep talking with me.

- And why is this so frightning for you?

- Cause I can clearly see you are much less mentally developed than me.

The boy looked a bit confused.

- Was that supposed to be a compliment?

- Proves my point , you are so stupid you don't even get if I am insulting you or not.

- Wanna get a drink sometime?

- I will pass.

- Why not?

- I am actually leaving town.

- Really?

- Yes.

- And where are you going?

- I am staying with a family friend for the whole summer.

- I hope he is not more handsome than me.

- None of your concearn.

She turned around and left him on his own. "what a jerk!" she thought. Guys like this were one of the reasons she didn't go to parties so often.


We saw that Ella got her prince Charming and they went upstairs and had a great time, while Bella just met another useless suitor. Now is Anya's turn to meet someone. And just cause I don't want to keep you waiting, I will tell you he is her prince Charming.

In her case, she was not on her own. And the guy didn't even speak with her. He just fell into her arms. Literally. I mean that she was dancing with a bunch of people when he came out of nowhere and he just fell on top of her. You probably can figure out he was absolutely drunk. But, the moment he fell on top of her Anya felt this is THE guy. He was exactly the guy from her plan for the future. A bit higher than her so they don't look akward, green eyes, with the color of grass, making you feel so fresh and relaxed, lie nothing else mattered. And he had dark hair, which made his eyes stand out even more. In total - he was the guy of her dreams.

- Hi. - she said the moment he fell.

- Hi. I like your hair. - she was going to say thank you, when he added - my cat has a hair like that. And it's soft.

She wanted to let her magic flow and talk to him, but it would not do any good, having in mind he was basically dead and he probably wont remember her the next day. So, she could just leave it for one night.

- C'mon,let's get you home.

Somehow she managed to lead him to the door and get him a cab.

- Tell the driver where do you live and he will take you there. - she was saying that as if he was a four year old, which is basically how his brain was working right now.

- Thank you nice lady in a beautiful sea blue dress.

And then the cab left. Another car came after. And there in the driver's seat was Alex and she looked panicked.

- Anya! Where is Ella?

- I don't know, why? Did her father come back?

- Not yet, but he will. We have to find her.

- I will call her.

Luckily Ella did answer her phone and soon she was out of the building. She left, like Cinderella, exactly at midnight. They all got on the car and left for her house. Her prince never got to hear her name or get any information about her.But, as we all know, she left him something. In this case it was her purse.






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