fairytales entering the time machine

We have all heard our parents telling us a bedtime story. We all know the stories of Cinderella, Snowhite, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and others. All of them are about a prince and a kingdom and love from first sight. But, what if there is no castle and a handsome prince? What if all of them are just normal people like you and me? And all of these stories are happening NOW? Not decades ago. In this story, like Disney movies do, I am going to tell the story with a bit of a twist. Hope you enjoy it!


2. Alex's ideas

- What is it?

All of them looked at her with expectation.

- Ella doesn't have to babysit the twins.

- Yes, she does. Her father wants her to.

- No. Her father wants someone to babysit the twins. And someone who is not a stranger. Nobody said it needs to be Ella.

- And who would agree to do it?

None of them seemed to get the brilliand idea she had. And it always happened that way. They had a problem - Alex would find a way to solve it, but she would have to explain slowly so that they can get it. Well, sometimes Bella got it, she was the one with a bit more content. Not that Sasha and Anya were stupid, but Bella and Alex were just a bit more insightful. And now it was happening again. She had to explain in simple language what she meant.

- I will.

- Alex! You can't do that!

- This doesn't solve anything! The point of making Ella go was that we can stay together. Now you are not coming!

Anya and Sasha were looking with huge dissapoinment in their eyes. The panic was clear.

- Bella, tell her!

Bella just looked at Alex and said:

- I had a feeling you would say that. I was just hoping your idea is different.

Alex looked at them all reasuringly.

- Guys, it's OK. I don't want to go. All I will do is just stand there and pretend to have fun. Ella deserves to go more than I do.

They all wanted to say something. To object. But Alex had a point. She rarely ever went to parties and when she did whe just stood alone in the corner while the other four of them were dancing and having fun. She never liked it. Suddenly from playful and chatty the conversation became a bit more serious. When they were making Ella go, they knew they would succeed, because Ella would do anything to be at that party. But when Alex was the one who they were forcing to go, the argument was a bit pointless. Alex thought parties were a waste of her time. She would come with them, because they needed a driver, but that was all. Alex was their closest friend and she was perfect for shopping and chatting and sleepovers, but when it came to social events she was a complete zero. And they all knew that. End of discussion. They all faced the front, now listening to the lesson with a lot of attention.


The night of the party ....

Anya, Bella, Sasha and Ella were at Anya's house preparing for the party. While they were changing there was a knock on the door.

- Anya, are you waiting for someone?

- No. I will go and see.

Anya went to the door and opened it. And there stood Alex.

- Miss me?

- Alex! What are you doing here? Did you decide to come to the party? Yes you did! I knew you would!

Apparantly Anya atracted many people with her screaming and jumping around, because the other three came out to see what's going on.

- Alex! You came! Why did you decide to come? What happened?

Everything was now perfect. The five of them going to be together for the greatest party ever. Maybe it was time they make Alex participate more. "I will stick to her and make her enjoy it" Ella thought.

- Can you calm down, please? - Alex souted in laughter and a bit of regret. - I am not coming.

All of them left the joyful faces. They were back to misery now.

- Then why are you here?

- I brought your dresses. You were not planning on going with those, were you? - Alex said pointing to what they were currently wearing.

- So you actually decided to make us dresses without us asking for it?

- Exactly! Aren't I the best best friend in the world?

"You are" they thought. That was another thing Alex always did. She was always prepared. She always knew what was going to be needed before they even mentioned it. She was their magical helper that each tale has.

But there was a problem with the whole idea of Alex magically appearing like the fairy godmother.

- Wait, if you are here, then who is watching the twins?

- Noone.

- You left the twins alone! Alex! I trusted you! What if my dad comes back?! I would be grounded FOREVER!

- Ella! Relax, I didn't leave them alone. I gave them those magical pills that make babies fall asleep on the second. For five hours nothing can wake them up. They wont destroy the house or kill themselves by accident, don't worry. As for your dad coming back, I don't think this is really possible, because I called at the restaurant and asked them to text me if he decides to leave. Everything is covered.

- How come you are always three moves ahead?

- I am just smart. But, lets not talk about that, you have to put on these dresses.

The girls obeyed and went to the other room where all of the shirts, belts and scarf were trown randomly on the floor. The room was a mess. Before Alex came they had no idea what to wear, nothing was good enough. It either too old or too long or whatever. It was just not what they wanted. And somehow, Alex had appeared at the exactly right moment, to bring the perfect outfits. They didn't even know she was planning it. She never even took their measurements. Like people usually do when they are making your clothes. And each one fit perfectly. The colors matched brilliantly with each other and with the person wearing them. The size was exacly what it had to be and it was reflecting each of their personalities.

Somehow, without having a magic wand, Alex had managed to produce four dresses which were flawless.

Anya, Bella, Sasha and Ella were looking in the mirror and they were speechless. There were no words to describe it.

- They are perfect. - Sasha said. And this one sentence described it better than a million words.

- How did you do it?

- Doesn't matter how I did it. You must go now. The party can't start without you!

The girls headed for the door, but then stopped.

- Alex, are you sure you are not coming?

- Yes. This is not my thing.

And so they went. Four of them to the party of the century and the other one to her friends house to watch television all night.



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