fairytales entering the time machine

We have all heard our parents telling us a bedtime story. We all know the stories of Cinderella, Snowhite, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and others. All of them are about a prince and a kingdom and love from first sight. But, what if there is no castle and a handsome prince? What if all of them are just normal people like you and me? And all of these stories are happening NOW? Not decades ago. In this story, like Disney movies do, I am going to tell the story with a bit of a twist. Hope you enjoy it!


1. The time journey begins

-Are you coming? - Sasha asked during maths class. The five of them were sitting at the back, talking and paying "huge" attention to the front, where the teacher was explaining graphs.

- I'm not sure if I can come. You know with all the stuff at home.

- But Ella! You must come! - Anya said almost wheeping. - Everyone is coming!

- It's just the normal crowd. Noone special.

- I am coming! - Bella pointed out, stressing on I. - I normally don't go to parties, but this one is extra special and I can't miss it.

Ella was loosing the battle.

- And what is your argument, Alex? - she said in annoyed just-get-to-the-end tone.

- Well, I am not crazily excited about the party, but having in mind I spent two bio classes with Daniel, just so I can get you those invitations, I think we must go.

Anya and Sasha looked at each other and then smiled. Alex looked at them in a what-now way.

- What are you two smiling about?

- Well, you make it sound like spending time with Daniel was such a horrible experience.

- Maybe because it WAS.

- C'mon! That's cute Daniel we are talking about! And plus you volunteered for the job yourself.

- I only did it cause Sasha didn't wanna ruin her reputation as the cool girl who is always invited, Ella was too shy and you two don't have any classes with him.

- Sure, we forced you to go. - Ella smiled and her tone was showing perfectly that she admits her guilt in forcing her friend to talk with the cute guy.

- By the way, why are we talking about me? We were supposed to make Ella come to the party.

Suddenly Ella was not so talkative anymore.

- Ella, you must come. Period.

- But Lindy's parents are coming and my dad wants me to babysit the tweens while the grown ups are out on a dinner.

- I am sure your dad won't make you do it if you do not want to. Just tell him how important the party is and I am sure he would reschedule.

- Anya, are you trying to be funny? There is no possible way my dad would agree! Lindy's parents live in Australia and they can rarely come. Their flight was booked four and a half months in advance. There is no possible way they would reschedule!

- Can he not hire a babysitter?

- Sasha, is your brain even working today? Why would he trust a complete stranger to take care of "his little princesses"?

Everybody was looking angry at random places, trying to figure out how can they make it work. Suddenly Alex said:

- Guys, I have the perfect idea.

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