World of Warcraft: Azshara's Champion

In the midst of a heated undersea conflict, one Naga warrior proves her worth to the delight of all her superiors but one. In the end, one duel will decide this warrior's future forever.


4. The New Champion

Nar’jira’s head reeled in a fog of disbelief. Mere seconds ago she thought she would face her end, dishonored by the cowardly Zalgasz. Yet Queen Azshara herself had saved her life. She could not speak a word, but bowed herself before the queen.

Azshara slowly moved towards Nar’jira. “Look at me.”


She straightened herself, and looked into the eyes of her queen.


“You will understand two things before I depart from this place; if you learn the third, then I commend you for your clairvoyance. Firstly, it was Zalgasz who displeased me.” She gave a very brief look at the unnerved Lady Mal’zara, then shifted her cold glance back at Nar’jira. “Secondly, you have proven that you are worthy of my attention. Bow before me!”


Nar’jira leaned forward so that her face was parallel to the ground beneath her. Azshara placed all four hands upon the battlemaiden’s head. “Your enemy dishonored himself in my sight. For that, the Blessing that was his is now yours. In the eyes of the warriors around you, I confer upon you the Blessing of Azshara.”


Nar’jira felt a great magical power course through her body, and at last understood what the Blessing truly was. She had received a strength that could tear down walls, lay waste to cities, and decimate her enemies with a flash of her swords. She felt the warmth of her tears, and her pride surged as never before.


Queen Azshara watched her, and a small smile formed upon her lips. It was not a smile of mockery, or one of insincerity: it was the sign that Nar’jira had gained her favor.


“No greater honor could I ever have desired than the Blessing of Your Glory,” Nar’jira said at last. “I will follow my Lady from battle to battle, and conquer in the name of Azshara!”


“You will no longer follow Lady Mal’zara,” Azshara said. “She is to return to the Eternal Palace with me. You are no longer a battlemaiden, Nar’jira. You are Lady Nar’jira, General of Nazjatar. Behold your warriors!”


Azshara then looked upon the warriors round about, and shouted in a booming voice, “Behold, your general, Nar’jira, my chosen favorite!”


The Naga shouted as one. “Hail Nar’jira!”


Nar’jira turned to face the warriors, tears still flowing from her eyes. Composing herself and standing erect, she unsheathed her swords and held them aloft as she had done before.

And this time, there were no more interruptions.

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