More Than This

Kelsey had always hate One Direction, but her friend was a psycho path obsessed fan, as she would call it; PPOF.

Kelsey needed a break from it, so she let her best friends kidnap her and bring her to a different country where she is forced to be polite to her unexpected guests.


1. Where Am I Going?

I looked out my window and watched the rain fall down. I was in my one of my best friends (Malory) SUV heading to the airport to go to an unknown destination. My other friend was in the passenger seat, her name was Dana. They were both PPOF, a.k.a, Psycho Path Obsessed Fans, for One Direction. Me? I'm not a directioner, and probably never will be.


Another thing we need to get clear on, I'm written to be forever alone.


"We're here!" Malory declared excitedly from the drivers seat. I push the door open and hopped out of the car.


We got through the airport fast, and before we knew it, we were in 'Last Class' (as Dana likes to call it, because we got the last row of seats and the most crappy ones) seats. My Mac Book pro came to life and I logged into Twitter. I posted; 'Going to an unknown destination with the besties.(: @Malorylovescupcakes @DanaForeva'


Malory was sitting next to me, with Dana next to the window across our row. I looked out the window and plugged in my earphones to my IPhone. My phone was on IHeart Radio app and Dancing Crazy by Miranda Cosgrove came on.    


For what seemed like forever I was on that plane. Finally, we landed at the airport. I looked around. Were we in England? 


"Where are we?" I asked the girls. 


"London, England, love!" Dana said in her best British accent. I rolled my eyes. 


"This isn't because we are going to stalk  One Direction, right?" 


"Of course, it isn't! We are actually going to meet them!" Malory said.


"Yup, we have a hotel room in there hotel and my cousin is their stylist!" Dana said proudly.


"Oh brother." 

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