One Direction One Shots ||REOPENED||

These will be reopened until I get backed up with requests! Go forth and fangirl ;)


23. You're Mine- Maybe Next Summer


I looked out the patio door at Kristine. Her long blond hair was moving slightly from the wind, the bright blue tips catching my attention. Everyone was surprised when we started dating; they said that Kristine was too hardcore for me. She didn’t care what people said, she wore grungy clothes and her hair was constantly changing colors. But what the public didn’t know was that Kristine was sweet and kind and she would never hurt a fly.


And her bright blue eyes- they were the thing that first caught my eye when we met two years ago. Harry had taken me to a Coldplay concert and I saw her in the crowd. Our eyes connected and I remembered how I felt in that moment. It was completely bliss as I made my way through the raging crowd to get to her. She just stayed frozen, staring at me, as I walked towards her. The first thing I said to her was “I like your shirt.” I regretted it almost immediately- I sounded like a complete tosser- but she thought it was cute. By the end of the concert I had asked her out and it was all uphill from there.


So when the band was scheduled to go on a second tour around America, it was hard on both of us. We Skyped religiously, always texted and I made sure to tell her that I loved her five times a day. So when she turned up at my hotel door this morning, I was completely shocked. Turned out that the boys had noticed my sad mood and paid for Kristine to fly over and cheer me up.


And it was working. As I watched her sit out on the patio my mood was lifted and I was so happy that she was here with me. Kristine looked as beautiful as ever today in a white Dannie shirt and some high waisted jean shorts. And to be hilariously patriotic, her converse had stars and stripes on them. She wore no makeup, and I knew why- during the Coldplay concert I told her that she didn’t need any makeup at all because she was truly beautiful. Ever since then, she only wore makeup on the most special occasions.


I strummed absentmindedly on my guitar as I continued to watch her play on her phone. All around me was sound equipment and instruments from the jam session I had with the boys early this morning.


Outside, I saw Kristine get up and walk in. I could see something was wrong because she had that look in her eye she got when she was upset. She always told people that she didn’t care what they said, but I knew that if it was harsh enough she would be wounded. Was it something she saw on her phone? Another nasty rumor?


I stood up from the couch and rushed over to her as she stepped in from outside. “What’s wrong?” I ask her softly and wrap my hairs out her.


She frowned and leaned against me. “The fans outside…”


“What did they say?” I groaned. The so-called fans could be brutal sometimes. They seemed to think that we would love them if they drove away our girlfriends. They did it to Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie all the time. It was sickening.


“That I was a fake dirty skank who only dated you for attention.” She muttered and I froze. How could they say that? I loved Kristine and they were being horrible to her. How could I say that they were fans when they hurt the ones I love?


This was disgusting. It had to stop. They had gone way too far. Kristine had come here to spend nice quality time with me and now her trip was ruined.


I gave Kristine a kiss on the forehead and let go; I grabbed a mic stand and mic and walked outside onto the patio where all the fans below could see me. They screamed even louder when they spotted me come out, thinking I was going to talk with them. My expression stayed hardened and I went back inside to grab my guitar off the couch. I extended my hand to an upset Kristine and she took it, walking outside with me.


I pulled the guitar strap around my shoulder and switched on the mic, sending the girls crazy. They probably all thought I was going to sing to them. I turned from the crowd and faced my silent girlfriend who was staring at me warily.


I started playing the guitar, keeping my eyes glued on her. The fans quieted down and I began singing.


“You are the song in me that I can't ignore, you are the simple things that I adore you are the only thing that gets me like you do. You know it's you. You are the story line, the hidden theme you are the mastermind when it comes to loving me. And you are the meaning of I do, you know it's you.


Oh it's you who has stolen my heart, and my weakness is your strongest part.


I could write a million songs to say how I feel, 'Cause I felt it from you, and you know that it's so real. I'll dress it up to emphasize, I'll tell the whole world that...


You are everything I could ever dream, you are the part of me I could never see, you are the force behind a kiss that makes me move, you know it's you. You are the sparkle in a star-filled sky, you are the how's and when's, you’re my perfect alibi. And nobody gets me like you do, you know it's you.


Oh, it's you who has stolen my heart, and my weakness is your strongest part.


I could write a million songs to say how I feel, 'Cause I felt it from you, and you know that it's so real. I'll dress it up to emphasize, I'll tell the whole world that you're mine...


Oh, that you're mine, and I hope you feel it too, When I say that I need you...


I could write a million songs to say how I feel, 'Cause I felt it from you, and you know that it's so real. I'll dress it up to emphasize... I'll tell the whole world that It's you who has stolen my heart, and only you know how to fill every part.


I'll let the whole world know, I'll let the whole world know... That you're mine.”


I gently pulled Kristine into my side and gave her a tight hug, never letting go. The fans below were deadly quiet.


“That was for my girlfriend Kristin who I love more than anything. And if you keep up with that horrible criticism, I can’t consider you real fans because true Directioners support us. Got that?” I gave Kristine a kiss in front of the crowd and walked back inside. I kept her close to me and kept telling her that I loved her no matter what the fans said.


“Thanks for that.” She smiled and hugged me tight. I knew that we were meant to be together; no matter how many times nasty rumors were spread or mean tweets were send, I would love Kristine. It was silly of the fans to think that they could win my heart if they got rid of Kristine. Plain stupid, actually.


“I would do anything for you.” I whispered into her hair and I was speaking the complete truth. She was mine and I was hers- forever.


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