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8. Sparks Fly- Taylor Swift

I stood there in line with Sasha, anxiously awaiting our turn. We have been waiting now for about two hours, and even after all this time my best friend still hadn’t lost enthusiasm. Sasha continued to ramble on and on about how she was meant to be with Zayn, and how, when they met, he would fall in love with her. She said something about attacking him a few minutes ago, but it all blended together. I was too busy trying to catch a glimpse of the boys. Well, one boy in particular. While Sasha had latched on to Zayn, I had my eyes on Liam. And if I dared to admit it, I loved him. I knew it sounded ridiculous- I had never met him! But I loved the idea of love. “Oh my GOD, Janie!” Sasha continued to hyperventilate next to me. “I’m about to meet my future husband! Do you think he’ll mind that I have hundreds of pictures of him on my phone? Or that I professionally stalk him?” “Calm down, Sash! He’ll like you.” I secretly hated myself for supporting her fantasy. No matter how much I dreamed that it would happen- for one of the boys to fall in love with us- I knew it was just a dream and nothing more. The odds of it ever happening were very slim, if not nonexistent. “You really think so?” She smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Oh, I hope so!” Sasha became quiet, and I took advantage of this to try and catch a glimpse at the five boys. We were in the middle of the crowd, and we had about thirty minutes till we reached the front. I was able to make out the screams of the girls who were talking to them now, and I could only imagine how I would react when I came to us. I know I had planned to be calm and collected, but when I came down to it, I could just go crazy. To people I’ve just met, I can seem very serious and quiet, but only my closest friends know how crazy I can get. I so desperately want to yell at the people in front of us to duck down or move, but I didn’t want to be mean. But I just really wanted to see those five boys that made such a difference in my life. Suddenly, the line moves forward drastically, and I am now twenty feet away. Sasha has picked up on her ranting again, and I block her out by playing games on my phone. I wasn’t paying attention, but Sasha kept pulling me forward with the line. So when I finally did look up, we were only five people away from the boys. I still couldn’t see them; the short line was continuing to obscure the view. I quickly tucked my phone into my blue shorts and straightened up my loose green blouse. My heart felt like it wanted to jump out of my throat in any second now. I looked over at Sasha, and she was surprisingly silent. Her eyes were popping out of her head, and her mouth was hanging open. I laughed at the sight and nudged her with my elbow to knock her out of her trance. “Breath, Sash.” She blinked, falling out of her trance. She raised her eyebrows at me and looked at the girls behind us. They were all screaming and crying, and here we were- patiently waiting for our turn. We walk up the steps, guided forward by the security. They were big and intimidating, and I was scared to even look at them. Sasha and I were both handed a picture of the boys, presumably for them to sign. Glancing down at the laminate, my eyes catch on the boy I had fallen for, a small smile spreading across my lips. I looked at the line now, the roar of hundreds of girls ringing in my ears. I was pleased, and nervous, to see that there we were next in line. Then, a security member waved us through. Next to me, Sasha nearly fainted when she saw the tan boy. Zayn was first in the assembly line, much to Sasha’s pleasure. “Hi! Can I have a hug?” She squeaked, handing over her photo to be signed. He laughed and stood up, leaning over the table. He opened his arms and she rushed into them, fulfilling the single thing on her bucket. Zayn sat back down and took the photo. “What’s your name, beautiful?” “Sasha Malik!” She covered her mouth immediately, terrified of what she had just said. He only blushed slightly, handing back her photo. “What’s your name?” He asked me as I gave him my own photo. “Jane.” I stated simply, eager to get to Liam. Zayn quickly signed the photo and I gave him a small smile. “Oh my god, Janie! How are you so calm right now?! We just met Zayn freaking Javaad freaking Malik!” She smiled. “Did you see the obvious love connection we had? Jesus, I just want him!” “Calm down, Sash!” I scolded her again and dragged her to the next boy, who was Harry. We stopped in front of him, his curly brown hair as messy as I had seen in photos. Oh, that sounded creepy. I smiled at him and it suddenly hit me that I was actually meeting One Direction. I was getting to talk to the boys that I was in love with. “Hey, Harry! I’m Jane, and this girl right here is Sasha.” I gave Harry both of our pictures. “She’s just a little shocked from your friend over there.” I pointed over to Zayn. “Yeah, he has the effect on woman. I’m surprised to see that you’re able to function after meeting him.” Harry joked, quickly signing our pictures. I wanted to tell Harry that Zayn couldn’t do that to me- that I was too madly in love with Liam. But, of course, that would sound a little weird. So I only laughed and pocked Sasha so she could saw good bye to Harry. He waved to us as we left and we walked up to Niall. His blond hair was going crazy under the snap back, and he donned a tank top that showed off his arms. He smiled warmly at us and offered me a high five, which I gladly accepted. “Hello, love! What’s your name?” He asked as I put down our pictures on the table. “I’m Jane.” I reached behind me and pulled Sash forward. “And this is Sasha. Please excuse her mood- she’s a little star struck.” Sasha smiled widely, her eyes not leaving Zayn. Niall nodded. “Ah, I see. She likes the Bradford Bad Boy, doesn’t she?” At the mention of his name, Sasha’s head snapped towards Niall. She nodded vigorously, raising her wrist to show Niall her ‘I Love DJ Malik’ bracelet. Niall laughed and gave us back our pictures. I thanked him and I dragged Sasha on to the next boy. “Helloooooooo there!” Louis cheered as we came up to him. “What names were bestowed upon you when you were born?” I handed him our photos. “Jane,” I pointed to myself. “Sasha,” I pointed to her at my left. By now, Sash had realized that she was also meeting the other members as well as Zayn, and she was freaking out over Louis. “You’re the Swagmaster from Doncaster! Hi!” Sasha squealed, grabbing her photo from the table once he signed it. “Why yes I am! Do you happen to own a Lamborghini?” He asked. Sash shook her head. “Do you like carrots?” Sash scrunched up her nose and stuck out her tongue in disgust. She hated basically every vegetable. “I like you!” Louis cheered and gave her a high five. Sasha laughed. “Hey, Louis, stop flirting with the pretty girls! That’s Harry’s job.” Niall interjected, forcing Sash and I to blush. Had Niall just called us pretty? Was Louis really flirting with us? This was definitely one of the best days of my life! They had all been so nice and kind, and then I realized that there was one more boy left. Liam. I looked over at the brunette, my mind trying to remember ever single detail about him. The way his hair flipped to the side, the way his brown eyes sparkled, and how a large smile spread across his face when he saw me. “What’s your name?” Liam asks me, staring into my eyes, and for a second I forget to hand him my photo. “Her name is Jane, she’s 20 years old, she lives here in London, is very academic, and look- she’s even gorgeous!” Sasha gives my life biography to Liam, but I don’t protest. I was in shock. His eyes were so stunning. And he was so close to me- only a two foot wide table separated us. “Jane.” He repeated my name. “I’m Liam.” He introduces himself, not realizing that I already knew his name. “I’m Sasha.” She adds, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t hear her. All I wanted to do was get closer to him. I wanted to know him, at least as a friend. I wanted to be there for him. I wanted to be the girl that he fell in love with. He quickly looked down to sign the photos, and then looked back up at me. It looked like he was studying me as I was him. I needed to remember every detail to this perfect moment. Sadly, this moment didn’t last long. “Come on, Janie! There are other people waiting!” Sash grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off the stage. Reluctantly, I tore my eyes from Liam’s. Without him near me, it felt like a stone had replaced my heart and sunken down into my stomach. It felt utterly and totally wrong to be so far away from him. Sasha continued to lead me towards the exit, insisting that she was starving and that she needed food immediately. But I wasn’t listening. I was remembering how perfect it sounded when he spoke my name. “Jane!” I froze, causing Sash to stop also. “Did you hear that?” I ask her, straining my ears to hear that sweet voice again. “Jane! Wait!” He called. I searched through the crowd, my heart racing. Then I saw him emerge from the crowd, followed closely by security. Liam ran towards me, calling for me to stop. I left Sash and walked towards him, praying that this was real. “Jane, I don’t know how to say this.” Liam said, his eyes shining. He took a deep breath. “ I know we just met minutes ago, but I like you.” “I like you, too.” I smiled. “Could I, by any chance, have your mobile number? I would like to call you sometime.” He asks cautiously, and I could see him prepare himself for bad news, while his eyes hoped for good news. “Yeah,” I answered immediately, a smile spreading on both of our faces. “Yeah? Alright!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone; he typed in a few things and handed it to me. I looked down at the dim screen and saw that he had opened up a new contact titled “Jane”. I typed in my number, my cheeks hurting from smiling so much. As I handed back his phone our hands touched, sending shivers throughout my whole body. The whole world dissolved around us and all I could see was Liam, sparking flying all around us. Was this love? Liam leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before being taken away by security. I waved at him as he left, the smiles never leaving us. Once he was out of sight, I turned to face Sasha. “What the bloody hell was that?! Did Liam Payne just get your number?! Did Liam Payne just run through a crowded room to find you after only meeting you moments before?!” She freaked out, giving me a big hug. “Janie- this is like all of those romance novels you obsess over!” I didn’t answer, instead I walked outside. Sasha was right behind me, still going on about what had just happened. I was in my own little world. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out, looking at the screen. From: Unknown Number I’m free for the rest of the day. Would you like to get some dinner? –Liam xx It looked like some dreams did come true.


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