One Direction One Shots ||REOPENED||

These will be reopened until I get backed up with requests! Go forth and fangirl ;)


13. One Thing- One Direction

I walked out of work, my paycheck in hand. Glee had filled me when I learned what I had earned this week; it was enough to pay for rent, bills and food with a little extra to splurge with. Pulling on my leather jacket over my loose grey shirt, I decided to go grocery shopping before returning to my apartment. I had noticed this morning before work that I was running low and with this check in my pocket was more than enough to cover the charges.

As I trudged down the busy streets of New York, I couldn't help but see a few hookers and homeless druggie. I shuddered, remembering the home I had ran away from when I was fourteen. Now, four years later, I was living alone in a dirty apartment, barely making enough money. My drive for a better life was what stopped me from turning into my mother. I didn't stress out too much about my situation, thus preventing me from turning into my father. My parents were quite the pair- not to made idols of.

My mood shifted slightly when I made it into the grocery store; the bright lights were more comforting than the dark night outside.

My stomach growled after a day of working, and all I wanted to do was grab some food, call a taxi and go home. I made my way over to an ATM machine, constantly checking all directions as I shoved the check into the slot. I withdrew fifty dollar, leaving the rest in my bank account. I lived on the shady streets of New York- I was a young, small woman who looked completely defenseless. And I was. I had learned my first week here to never carry around more than one hundred dollars, because it'll be taken from you in a heartbeat.

Pocketing my money, I grab a basket and walk through the aisles, glancing over the food. I needed things that were nutritional, cheep, and lasted a long time. After pulling all of my necessities off of the shelves, I look down at my empty basket and decide that I would award myself with a bag of candy.

I moved down to the correct aisle, my tan supras squeaking on the tile floor. There was a constant flow of people rushing around the store, and I blended in as much as I could. Another thing I learned- catching the attention of males wasn't always a good thing.

I turn to the right and my eyes widen at the large selection. I stepped closer, my choices narrowing. Did I want chocolate or sweet? Sweet or sour? Peanut or caramel? I hadn't allowed myself a treat like this in a very long time, and I wanted to make the right decision.

I adjusted the striped pink and tan beanie over my dark brown hair, my eyes glued to the selection in front of me. My shoes tapped the floor as I reached forward and grabbed a bag of sour gummy worms and a box of plain M&M's, holding them in front of me.

"You don't need that." A boy with curly, brown hair and a foreign accent said as he walked up to me.

I turned to him and raised an eyebrow. What exactly was he trying to say? I was in perfectly good shape.

"Excuse me?" I ask him, slightly shocked that a total stranger would say that to me. The preprogrammed idea that all Brits were polite was slowly wearing away.

"You don't need any sweets because you're sweet enough." He gave me a cheeky grin and winked.

I rolled my eyes and placed the candy back; suddenly the idea wasn't so appealing. I walked away, leaving the boy behind. Hopefully, he would pick up on the signals I was sending and let me shop in peace.

"What's your name?" He called, running after me. Great. Just great.

I kept walking, this time to the frozen section. "Why should I tell you?"

"Do you really want me to ask you out without knowing your name?" He asked cheekily, following closely behind.

I stopped abruptly, turning to face him. "Oh, wow. You're really doing this? In the middle of a grocery store?"

He nodded, his bright eyes shining. I did not have time for this. I spun back around, racing to the frozen aisle. All I needed was some milk and I would be done- left to live the rest of my life unbothered.

As I opened the glass door and placed a heavy jug of milk into my basket, he came up to me again. I sighed loudly and slammed the door shut.

"Small world." He smiles, leaning against the door.

"You know, the only thing you have working for you is your accent. You should really rethink your pick up strategy."

"You like my accent?" He smirked, straightening up.

I shifted, uncomfortable with this situation. All I wanted was the go shopping and leave without catching anyone's attention.

"I never said that."

He shook his finger. "But you implied it."

I clenched my eyes shut. "Look, whoever you are, I'm really not into this obnoxious flirting thing. My life has been full of assholes, and I don't want to add another to the list, okay?" I sighed, walking past him.

"Tough life, huh?" He called after me.

"Whore mother and a drug addict for a father!" I yelled over my shoulder, ignoring the looks from the other shoppers as I continued to the check out line.

"I'm sorry!" He ran closer. "I'm sorry for being a jerk, okay. Let me make it up to you."

"How?"I ask, unsure.

"Let me take you on a date."

I laughed. "How would that make my day better?"

"Oh, come on! One chance, one date- that's all I'm asking for. Let me at least take my name off of the asshole list." He pleaded in front of me.

"You're persistent." I sigh. And hot, I add mentally. "Anyone ever told you that?"

"Constantly." He raised his hand. "I'm Harry."

I shook his hand, a smile playing on my lips. "Hi, Harry. I'm Laci."

I turned and walked into the line, Harry staying close behind me. And even with him out of my sight, I couldn't get those green eyes out of my head.


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