One Direction One Shots ||REOPENED||

These will be reopened until I get backed up with requests! Go forth and fangirl ;)


16. Moments- One Direction


My friends and I were having a great time as we walked around London after school. It was a Friday after- thank God- and we were going to make the most of it. We were taking silly pictures together, laughing our loudest, and smiling nonstop.


“Oh! Kenzi- look! Let’s get something to eat!” My best friend Shannon cheered beside me and pointed across the street at a bakery.


“Yeah, let’s go! I could eat a scabby horse!” Tara agreed, along with the few other people that were with us.


“What are we waiting for?!” I laughed and we started walking over to the crosswalk. My Matiko Preston shoes were rubbing my ankles and I reached down to reposition them. As I bent over, someone bumped into me, sending my stuff toppling to the ground.


“Oh, great.” I muttered and crouched down to pick up my school stuff. The person who bumped into me leaned down and grumbled an apology that I could barely hear. I looked up at him, but all I could see what his grey jumper that was blocking his face. It looked like he wanted to hide, but his bright pants said otherwise.


“Thanks mate.” I stated as we both stood up and he handed me the rest of my belongings. I looked over to where my friends last were, but they weren’t there. I looked around and saw that they were running across the street, laughing and having a good time.


“Oh, shit.” I moaned; they probably didn’t notice that I had fallen behind.


Without thinking, I ran out into the street to catch up with them. “Guys, wait up!”


“Come on, Kenzi!” Tara yelled as they stopped on the other side of the street.


My feet rubbed agonizingly on my ankles and I slowed slightly.


“Be careful!” Shannon called to me and I waved her away, laughing.


“Don’t worry!” I answered, now halfway across the large street. “I’m always-”


“Kenzi watch out!”


I looked to my left and saw a car speeding towards me and I let out a bloodcurdling scream. I froze, not sure of where to go. Oh, god, please.




There was a collective gasp from the bystanders and I felt myself being shoved to the ground. My head smacked the pavement with unbearable force and my backside was sore from being pushed onto the concrete.


“Ouch.” I moaned, rubbing my head and sitting up.


“Are you alright?” I heard a man ask, but it sounded faint and distant. “Are you okay?”


I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around. I was on the other side of the road, my friends all surrounding me.


“Kenzi! Oh my god!”


“You’re crazy!”


“I can’t believe you did that!”


“Are you okay?”


I ignored my friends and looked over at the man who was kneeling next to me. Well, young adult would better suit him.


I could tell from his jumper and bright red pants that he was the same person who had knocked into me just seconds ago, but now I could see his face. He had dark brown hair and grey eyes that were filled with concern.


I knew him, and it was at the tip of my tongue.


“Are you alright, love?” He asked again, and I suddenly realized who he was.




“Yes, I am Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction.” He sighed and stood up quickly, helping me up also. He then hastily flipped the hood back over his head.


I was taken aback slightly by the tone in his voice. “I don’t care who you are- you just save my life! And I wanted to thank you.” I snapped at him.


Louis paused, scrunching his eyebrows. “You’re not going to ask for an autograph? A picture? Marriage?”


“There’s not much I can ask for after you just saved my fricken life, now is there?!” I asked, completely ticked off. I wanted to thank him, for the amazing thing he just did for me but he had to get snippy.


I paused and took a deep breath, planting a genuine smile on my face. He may be a total jerk, but he saved my life. “Thank you.” I pulled him into a hug, which he returned.


I gave him one last smile before I was pulled away by my friends into the bakery, each of them asking if I was okay. They kept hugging me and telling me how much they loved me, but repeating how much of an idiot I was for doing that.


I agreed with them, mentally beating myself up for being so stupid- who runs out into the middle of the street without looking? Me, apparently.


I sat down as my friends went to get something to eat. I, on the other hand, felt like I couldn’t eat anything at the moment. My stomach felt jittery and I was slightly light-headed from my near death experience.


I rested my head on the cool table and closed my eyes. I listened to the shop around me, trying to think of anything but dying.


My head shot up as I heard someone yell my name. I looked around and saw my friends at the counter, all talking amongst themselves. If they hadn’t called me, who had?


I turned to the large window at the front of the bakery and saw Louis running towards the shop. I got up and walked out the door, meeting him in the middle.


“Hey!” He smiled, out of breath.


“Hi.” I laughed, unsure of what exactly was happening. Had Louis Tomlinson just ran after me? “What’s up?”


“What if there was something that I wanted from you?” He asked, referring to our previous conversation.


I shrugged. “Go ahead and ask- I owe you a lot.”


“A date.” He stated simply.


“Pardon?” I blush, smiling uncontrollably.


“A date- I want to go on a date with you.”


I paused, my heart soaring at the thought. “Well, I can’t really refuse, can I?” I teased.


He stepped closer reached his hand up. At first, I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead he gently ran his fingers over where I hit my head on the concrete.


“I know where I’m taking you.” He stopped and frowned as he looked at the large bump. “I’m taking you to the hospital. You might have a concussion.”


“Wow, you really know how to treat a girl.” I laughed, but I knew that he was right.


He stepped closer and laced his fingers in mine. “Don’t knock the hospital- they serve a mean cup of apple juice.”


We joked around and walked into the bakery, hand in hand, to tell the girls where I was going and to grab my stuff. Louis drove me to the London Hospital and he stayed with me in the waiting room, even if I told him that I would be fine alone.


He kept shaking his head and telling me that he wouldn’t leave me for a billion pounds.


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