One Direction One Shots ||REOPENED||

These will be reopened until I get backed up with requests! Go forth and fangirl ;)


14. Moments- One Direction




I raced through the white hallways, my eyes scanning over every door.


Room 316. Room 316. Room 316.


My head was ringing, remembering the phone call. How could they do this? How can they say that they love us, yet do something so horrible?


My feet slapped the hard floor as I ran towards her room- room 316.


How bad was she? The doctors barely told me anything because I wasn’t family, and her parents couldn’t talk about it.


So when I finally found her room and stepped in, I wasn’t emotionally ready for what I saw.


There, lying on the hospital bed, was Jenna.


I felt like collapsing and screaming and crying and hurting everyone who did this to her. She didn’t deserve this. I caused this; we came out as a couple two days ago, and now this happens. I could have prevented this by being with her, making sure she was safe. It was my entire fault.


I quietly closed the door even though I knew she couldn’t hear me. The doctors said that she didn’t have any of the senses while in her comatose state.


Tears threatened to spill from my eyes as I walked closer to her. And the closer I got, the more of her injuries I could see.


Almost every inch of her skin was covered in bruises, her eyes were both black, and the doctor told me that many of her bones were fractured. They also said that her brain was swollen from being slammed against the ground so many times.


I could only imagine the thoughts running through Jenna’s head when this was happening. It pained me to think of the fear that filled her. She had been out shopping with her little brother and sister when a mob of fans ambushed her.


Her siblings- aged nine and eleven- had to stand by and watch as the life was beaten out of their big sister. And they were even the ones who called 999, because after the fans were done with her, they all just walked away and left her to bleed.


If they truly did love me, they wouldn’t have done that to her. I could hardly call them fans anymore.


As I got closer to her, all I wanted was to go back to before when our relationship was our little secret. All I wanted was for her to tell me that she loved me again, because I feared that I would never hear her beautiful voice again.


I kneeled beside her, letting the tears flow freely down my face. The beeping of the machines and the dripping of the IV fluid were the only sounds that filled my ears. I needed to hear her voice.


I closed my eyes and let the memories fill me. When we first met, our first date, when we first said I Love You. I remembered it all, but now there was a sadness that accompanied the happiness; I might never hear her laugh, feel her kiss, or see those beautiful blue eyes ever again.


Why was the world so cruel? We went public, hoping that the fans would be as excited as we were. I never thought it could come to this.


My heart beat harder and faster in my chest as I opened my eyes to be faced with the love of my life. I moved my hand up to brush my fingers against her fragile skin. She didn’t deserve this.


Time sped up around us, but I didn’t dare leave her side. I pulled up a chair beside her bed, my eyes never leaving her in case she woke up. I was going to stay in this room until she came back.


I scooted up as close to her bed as I could and I reached forward to gently wrap her hand in mine. Even if the doctors said she couldn’t hear or feel, I had to tell her one last time how I felt.


“Shut the door, turn the lights off,


I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love.


I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this,


Even though I try.


Heart beats harder, time escapes me,


Trembling hands touch skin, it makes this harder.


And the tears stream down my face.”


My voice broke and I hung my head as my shaking hands held on to her. Why did she have to leave me? I don’t know if I could be without her any longer.


I looked up, my cheeks stained with tears. “I just want to see your beautiful blue eyes, Jenna. Please, wake up.”


She doesn’t stir, and there’s a knock on the door behind me. I lean forward and give her a soft kiss on the forehead before wiping my face and turning to the door. There was another knock as I neared it, and I took a deep sigh before opening the door.


“What is it?” I asked Louis harshly.


Louis looked at me gravely, his usual smile replaced with a frown. “Liam, you’ve been in that room for five hours straight. You need to rest; she’ll still be there tomorrow.”


Though I’m sure he didn’t mean it, his words stung. He was right- Jenna was going to be here tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.


I shook my head, giving a fleeting glance back at her. “I’m not leaving her.”




“I’m not leaving her!” I yelled and slammed the door shut. I walked back over to my chair and sat down. How could they expect me to leave her? They had been the first to know when we first started dating two years ago, and they know how much I love her. Leaving her was not possible.


I brushed a piece of her long, wavy auburn hair behind her ear, trying my best to stop myself from crying again.


“Don’t worry,” I whisper. “Nothing will ever take me away from you again.”


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