One Direction One Shots ||REOPENED||

These will be reopened until I get backed up with requests! Go forth and fangirl ;)


25. Legohouse- Ed Sheeran

A big splash of water hit my directly in the face and I scrunched my eyes together, spinning around as fast as I could.

“Harry!” I squealed and turned back around to my boyfriend. He was standing in the water innocently, giving me a cute smile. “I know it was you that splashed me! There’s no one else here!”

“I’m gonna get you, Zhia!” He started walked slowly towards me, muttering the Jaws theme and holding a hand over his head like a fin. I screamed and turned to run away as fast as I could but it was extremely difficult to run when in waist deep in water.

I only made it a couple of feet away before I felt his big hands grasp my bare waist from behind. I was about to say something when he started tickling me and I doubled over in laughter. “Haz!” I frantically tried to pull his hands off me but I was growing weak from laughing. “Harry! Harry, stop! Can’t BREATHE!”

Harry stopped tickling me, his hands still resting on my slim hips. He was quiet and I hoped that I didn’t do anything to upset him.

I turned around to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

He just smiled, a shocked expression covering his face.

“What’s wrong, babe?” I asked again, stepping closer to him. We were having such a nice holiday; Harry had rented a lake house for the week so that we could escape the press and fans and just be a normal couple. We had only been here a day- had I already messed it up?

“I’ve just realized something.” He bit his lip, his eyes gazing down at mine.

“What is it?”

He pulled me close, his bare chest pressed against mine. “I’m in love with you, Zhia.”

I smiled, confused. We’d had our first ‘I love you’s a couple of months ago. Had he forgotten?

“Harry, I love you too. But you already told me-”

“Yeah, I said I love you, but I’ve just realized that I’m deeply and madly and uncontrollably in love with you. Being in love is different than loving someone. You can love a brother or best friend, but when you’re in love- that’s when you know you’ve found the one.” He leaned closer with every word, his smile growing wider. “We’re meant for each other, Zhyzhia.” Harry cupped my chin with his hand and pulled our lips closer together.

The kiss was deep and passionate and I could feel Harry put all his emotions into it. It wasn’t lustful or desperate; it was full of love and hope and promise. Harry loved me with all of his heart and I knew he always would.

We broke apart, our bodies both wet and sticky from the lake water. He rested his forehead against mine and kept me close to him.

I grinned up at him, slightly out of breath. His bright green eyes were captivating and I knew that he was the one. “I’m in love with you too, Harry- ever since I met you.”

He laughed loudly and quickly grabs my waist and lifts me out of the water. I screamed in protest as he throws me over his shoulder. “Harry! What are you doing?!”

He started sprinting out of the water, but it looked really bizarre because it was a struggle to run in water. I didn’t dare move around or struggle because that could send us both tumbling down.

“She’s in love with me!” Harry yelled triumphantly as he made it onto the dirt path that led to the lake house. I laughed as he continued to sprint up to the house; I wasn’t really surprised that he could run while carrying me- I was quite small.

I kept my hands wrapped around his waist so that I wouldn’t fall as I bounced around on his shoulder. “Harry! When are you going to put me down?!”

“Just a moment, my love!” He spoke in a cheesy voice that was in the old romance films. He was so corny and that was one of the many reasons I loved him.

Harry stopped suddenly and slowly put me down. I felt wood beneath my feet and noticed he had placed me on the steps in front of the house. He was standing beneath me on the dirt ground, both of us still soaked. The wind struck us and we shivered in our bathing suits.

“You’re crazy!” I laughed at him and he smiled up at me, both of his prize dimples showing. I wrapped my arms around my chest and he stepped forward. His face was serious again and I stopped bouncing from one foot to another.

“Crazy for you.” He smirked and lifted me up again, this time bridal style, and carried me inside the warm house.

This was just the beginning of a beautiful week with the boy I loved with all my heart.

How could I get so lucky?



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