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19. I Wanna Have Your Babies- Natasha Bedingfield


I leaned against the counter and stared down at the contents in the sink. The results showed only a few seconds ago, and I was in shock.


Was this good news or bad news? I, for one, was extremely elated and excited for what was to come, but I had no idea what Louis would say.


We have been best mates for years- nothing more, nothing less. Then, a couple of weeks ago, something happened and slept together. I don’t know why we suddenly did it. But that night we were watching a movie together and it just happened. Before, the idea of being with Louis in that way would have made me laugh; but now I feel something more towards him.


Ever since that night we’ve acted like a couple. We go on dates, watch movies, and even go grocery shopping together like a married couple. But not once has Louis called me his girlfriend. I’ve wanted this to happen, but I had no way of telling if Lou did.


And now, looking down at the positive pregnancy test, I know that we’re either going to stay together or break apart forever.


Just the possibility of never seeing him again breaks my heart. My stomach churns and my heart freezes in my chest. I step back and lean against the opposite wall; unconsciously, I rest my hand on my stomach. Soon, I’ll be round and swollen, and hopefully glowing with joy.


I love Louis. And I fear that, if I tell him that I’m pregnant with his child, he’ll reject me and abandon us. What if he gets mad at me? Is it my fault?


I can’t hide this from him forever. In a couple of months the bump will grow and my moods will worsen. And he knows me- he knows that there’s no other guy, and he’ll be smart enough to figure out the baby is his.


There a small part of me in the back of my mind that hopes that he’ll confess his undying love for me- that, when I tell him, he’ll be completely happy and excited. That he’ll be go every doctor’s appointment, every shopping trip, and he’ll be right next to me when my contractions come.


I lift my white Nirvana shirt and turn to the side, looking in the mirror. My flat stomach shows no sign of another human growing inside of me. I wonder if it would be possible to hide this from Louis- just for a little while. Then I’d get to spend some more time with him. I could easily last three months before I had to tell him.


But then I stopped myself. This was my child. Was I really going to ignore the existence of my child? Even though I had found out only moments ago, I love this baby with my whole heart.


I pulled my phone out of the back pocket of my jean shorts and typed in my best mate’s familiar number. After ringing a couple of times, Louis answered casually.


“Hello, love! What’s up?” His amazing voice made me smile, and I had to remind myself the serious topic at hand.


“Uh, Lou?” My voice shook slightly as my mind began playing horrible scenarios over and over in my head. “Could you come over to my place? I need to tell you something.”


“I’ll be right over.” He promised and hung up.


I walked out of my bathroom and made my way towards the kitchen pantry. I grabbed a bag of crisps off the shelf and shoved a few into my mouth before pulling myself up on the counter. I absentmindedly began drawing shapes on my stomach and I thought of all of the amazing memories I was going to have with my baby. I hoped that they had their father’s grey eyes and brown hair so that, if he does leave us, I’ll at least have a little bit of him in my life.


There was a knock on the door a few minutes later and I hastily threw away the bag. I scurried out of the kitchen and opened the door for a much stressed Louis.


“Chloe, what’s wrong? What’s happened?” He ushered me over to a couch before I could utter a word, my hand never leaving my stomach.


I started shaking and buried my head in my hands. How do you tell someone this kind of news? Oh sorry mate, but remember that night we slept together? Yeah, I’m pregnant. Congratulations!


“Chloe.” Louis rested a hand on my shoulder. “Please tell me.”


Dread filled my stomach and I knew it was now or never.


“I’m pregnant, Lou.” I muttered into my hands.


“Speak up, darling. I didn’t quite catch that.” Louis kneeled down next to me and rubbed my arm comfortingly.


I looked up at him, my chin trembling. “I’m pregnant.”


Louis’ arm froze, his eyes flickering from my stomach to my eyes. He doesn’t say anything and my throat burns as it always does what I’m about to cry.


Tears start spilling from my eyes and I drop my head, hiding my face behind my red hair. Louis doesn’t want me- he doesn’t want our baby, either. He’s going to leave us. He’ll leave us and never look back.


“I’m keeping the baby even if you don’t want him.” I managed to say as I cried. Louis’ warm hand leaves my arm. I’ve lost him forever.


“I’m going to be a dad.” I hear him whisper and I snap my head up in shock. To my surprise, a large smile is spreading across his face.


“I’m going to be a dad!” He repeats again and jumps up, pulling his phone out of his pocket.


I sit there in shock as he dials someone’s number. What was that? What did he mean? Was he going to stay with us?


Louis puts the phone to his ear, still smiling like a mad man. A random laugh escapes his lips as he hops around the room- hopefully full of excitement.


“Harry!” He cheered into the phone. “Harry, guess what?! Chloe and I are going to have a baby!”


Louis then hangs up without waiting for a response from Harry and runs over to me. He kneeled next to me and I looked him in the eyes. He was being serious. He was genuinely excited about our child.


He leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek before gently placing a hand on my stomach. His eyes were wide and his smile still remained.


To see Louis so fatherly to a child that wasn’t even born made my heart melt. He really did want to be with us.


He looked up at me and stared into my eyes. His grey eyes were sparkling and I realized that he would never leave me. All of those scary thought I had about him leaving us were totally wrong. The fantasies that I had dreamed about were quickly becoming possible.


I knew that Louis would drive me to my doctor’s appointments. He would buy the baby so many toys and clothes. He was going to be right next to me when I’m taken to the hospital, and he’ll be the one squeezing my hand. He would be the one to paint the baby’s room and sing him or her to sleep at night. Louis was going to be an amazing father.


“I love you both so much.” He whispered and sealed the promise with a kiss.


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