One Direction One Shots ||REOPENED||

These will be reopened until I get backed up with requests! Go forth and fangirl ;)


7. Be Alright- Justin Bieber

I was alone in my flat, wallowing for what seemed to be no reason. I was having a very bad day.

Right now, I was sitting on my couch watching The Titanic. Usually, this would make me cry. But today, all I could do was blankly stare at the TV, thinking of other things.

I was about half way through when my phone rang. It was in the kitchen, still charging. I contemplated whether to get it or to ignore it, but I realized that it could be one of the boys. I jumped up and scurried to the kitchen counter where I hastily unplugged my phone and answered it.


“Hello, love!” Liam cheered when I answered. “We were all wondering whether you would like to come out with us. It’s a lovely day outside and Louis and El have been asking to go swimming all day- care to join?”

I paused, thinking of a nice way to tell him that all I wanted to do today was eat my body weight in food. “I don’t think so, Li. Maybe another time.”

Liam, being my self-assigned parent, picked up on the bad vibes I had been trying so hard to hide. “What’s wrong, Samantha?”

“Just one of those days.” I sigh, leaning against the counter. I looked down at my shorts, slightly mesmerized by the colorful pattern.

“Hold on tight, because your day will get better.” Liam promises and we bid our goodbyes before hanging up.

I bring my phone over to the couch and plop myself down again. I grab the remote from the floor and resume the movie.

After several minutes, I found myself at the part where Rose and Jack are trying to outrun to water. I had stayed indifferent throughout the whole movie, but now I could feel tears prickling in my eyes. The idea that two people in love could be separated by something out of their power was devastating to me. Somehow, I felt like I could relate to that.

I wiped away a stray tear that had managed to escape and quickly turned off the movie. Why was I doing this to myself? I was only making my bad mood worse. I sit up and stretch, straightening my baggy black shirt. I brushed my long, reddish- purple hair behind my shoulders and stood up. I walked to the kitchen, hunting down something to eat. I had a craving for some chocolate milk, so I grabbed the ingredients and began stirring it together in the largest cup I owned.

As I raised the cup to my lips, there was a knock on my door. I sigh and take a quick sip of my drink before going to see who it was.

I look through the peep hole and see three familiar girls smiling back at me. A slightly smile spread across my lips and I realized what Liam had meant when he said that my day would get better. He had sent my best friends Dani, El and Perrie to cheer me up.

I took off the locks and opened the door for them. I opened my arms for a hug, which Dani quickly accepted.

“Hi!” Perrie cheered, giving me a hug. Her blond hair was braided and she didn’t have any makeup on. I had told her several times that she looked so much better when she went natural, and I was seeing her without makeup more often nowadays.

El then basically tackled me, laughing as she did so. “Hello!”

“Did Liam send you here?” I asked them, and they nodded. I was about to close the door when I heard a yell from down the hall.


I stuck my head out the door when I saw Harry, with his usual crazy hair, running towards my door. When he got here, he clutched his chest and bent over to catch his breath.

“Others,” Wheeze. “coming.”

I turned to look at the girls. “You’re all coming?”

Dani smiled and nodded. “We’re here to cheer you up!”

“But what about swimming?” I ask Eleanor, and she wraps an arm around me.

“Please! I would much rather be with you than swimming!”

My mood brightened, knowing that I was going to see all of my closest friends again. Harry now moved into the kitchen, dangerously close to my chocolate milk.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I ran into the kitchen, and Harry froze. “What do you think you’re doing? Back off of my milk!” I pick up the cool glass and drained it in one gulp. Harry just shook his head and began typing away on his phone.

“We’re here!” I hear Liam enter my flat and I turn to see the other boys. A large grin spreads on my face, replacing the pout that had become permanent at the beginning of the day.

“Hey, guys!” I chirped, and Liam came forward to give me a hug. I was about to hug him when I saw what Louis was carrying. I ran around Liam, who had his arms outstretched and instead hugged Louis.

“You brought a cake!” I cheered.

“A carrot cake!” Louis added, cheering with me.

“The cake part was my idea, but the carrot part was Lou’s.” Liam stated behind me.

“You really know the way into my heart.” I couldn’t take my eyes off of the cake, my bad mood completely vanishing.

“It’s not that difficult. We just do whatever we would do to cheer Niall up!” Zayn jokes and he whispers something else into Perrie’s ear, causing her to giggle. He wraps him arms around her and holds her tight, and I smile at the cute couple. No matter what people said, they were happy, and that was all that mattered.

Louis brought the cake into the kitchen and we all migrated around it. Liam cut us all pieces, mine slightly larger than the others.

As we talked and laughed, I completely forget all of my past troubles. As long as I was with the people I loved, I was okay.

“Hey, let’s go to the park or something!” El proposed and she received a high five and kiss from Louis.

“Let me get my shoes.” I place my empty plate in the sink and leave the kitchen. I walk down the short hallway to my room, and the farther away I got from the laughter, the closer I got to my problems again. I remembered what I had heard a couple of days ago; I realize that that was what has been causing my mood. I tried not to think about it, but the worry just wouldn’t leave.

I sat down on my bed, pulling on my shoes. I stared at the picture frame that sat on the dresser in front of me. It was of all nine of us when we had gone bowling a few months ago.

I don’t know how much time passes, but I hear a soft knock on my door, bringing me back to reality.

“Come in.” I call weakly.

Niall sticks his head in, and the mere sight of him makes me feel sick. Why did it have to be so? With what I was feeling for him, I wished it wasn’t true. I remembered the Titanic, and how I felt that I could relate to Rose. She had fallen in love- but then it was all taken away from her by something out of her control.

“Are you okay, Samantha?” Niall walked in and sat down next to me, making my heart sink deeper.

“Just one of those days.” I lied, repeating what I had told Liam over the phone.

“Samantha, I know something’s on your mind.” His bright blue eyes met mine. How could I lie to him?

I sigh and look down at my feet. “You’re going away soon, aren’t you?”

“Who told you?” He asked, and I could tell that he was slightly shocked that I knew.

“I heard Perrie and El comforting Dani about it the other day.”

“Oh.” Was all Niall managed to say.

“So you are leaving?”

Niall gently moved my chin to face him; my skin tingled where he touched me. “If you think that I’m going to forget about you while I’m on tour- well, you’re wrong.”

I shook my head. “Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.” I imagined all of the girls that were going to flirt with him, how most of those girls were probably going to be prettier than me.

“It’s not a promise. It’s the truth. I’d be an idiot to forget you.” And with that, Niall ducked his head down and kisses me.

My heart stopped, and I took me a second to begin kissing him back. It was a light kiss, but still it made everything come together. Niall really did care about me.

Our lips broke apart, but our foreheads stayed pressed together.

“Everything’s going to be alright?” I ask him.

I feel him shake his head slightly. “Everything’s going to be perfect.”


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