One Direction One Shots ||REOPENED||

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18. As Long As We Got Love by Javier Colon ft. Natasha Bedingfield


I was out on the street with my family, celebrating my younger sister’s birthday. She’s turning sixteen and all she wanted was to go out shopping; I remembered when I was sixteen. It seemed so long ago, but it was only last year.


We were all carrying shopping bags and we were heading back to the car to put the stuff away before we went to eat. My flats scuffed the concrete walkway and my necklace that I purchased today jingled whenever I took a step.


London today was crazy, it seemed like everyone in the city was out today. The majority of the street walkers were squealing teenage girls, though, and they all seemed excited about something.


We cut to a back street where we had parked the car away from the crowds. I was lagging behind with my cousin Lance, and we weren’t really saying much; we mainly stayed together so that no one else bothered us.


I just stared down at my legs as I walked silently to the car; I was wiped out from a morning of shopping and all I wanted to do was to sit down and eat something. I was almost mesmerized by the rhythmic pace my feet were setting out and I kept watching as my pink skinny jean clad legs trekked towards the car.


As I wasn’t watching my way, I bumped into someone. I turned to see who it was and froze. I knew those curls- they were on every magazine in every shop we went into. And those amazing green eyes.


“Oh, I’m sorry.” He apologized quickly and tore his gaze away from the ground to look at me. A smile broke out under the shade of his jumper’s hood and his eyes widened.


“You don’t need to apologize.” I whispered. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” I nervously tugged on the hem of my black top as I waited for him to respond.


He stood there for a second, as if he was trying to put his thoughts into words. Finally he stuck out his hand and pulled on that charming smile.


“Hi, I’m Harry.”








We pushed our way through the crowd, Harry hand never leaving mine. The plan was to have a nice afternoon out shopping for furniture for our apartment, but the paps had another idea.


It was somehow leaked where we were going out and the photographers and fans swarmed like flies.


The lights were disorienting and I had to squint to be able to even know which way was forward.


“Lilian- are you pregnant?”


“Has Harry proposed yet?”


“Are you a cover up for Louis and Harry’s alleged relationship?”


“Is this all for fame?”


The hurtful questions were repeatedly hurled at me and my chest grew tight. I had no idea how people could say such horrible things. Harry and I were together because we loved each other- it wasn’t a cover up, I don’t date him for his fame. I love Harry for who he is, not what he is.


He could be dirt poor and still working in that bakery and I would still love him as much as I do now.


Beside me, Harry kept yelling at the people to back up. He wrapped his arm securely around my waist and used the other to push the paps away.


“Harry,” I cried. This was absolutely terrifying- definitely the worst I’ve even seen.


“Don’t listen to them.” He yelled over the noise. His face was transformed to one filled with hate and disgust. I knew he could and would do terrible things to the paps if I wasn’t here.


“I love you no matter what they say.” He smiled down at me and continued to push us out of the mob and into safety.








I was sitting on the couch of our apartment, my three best girl friends surrounding me. El and Perrie were sat on the ground by my feet, both of their eyes glued to the tellie. Dani was lying next to me, her large pregnant belly visible under the baggy shirt.


We were all watching the live interview of the boys and we were all bracing ourselves for the reaction to the news. With Dani and Liam, everyone was expecting it. When it was El and Louis’ turn, the reception was mainly what was expected. Perrie and Zayn had some speculation, but everyone in our tight circle of friends knew that they were made to last.


So now it was our turn, and the longer the interviewers dragged out the introductions, the heavier the ring felt on my finger.


When the time finally came around, the interviewers asked how I was doing- very standard, and I knew they were soon going to ask Zayn, Louis and Liam the same question.


“She’s doing really well.” He paused and looked down at him lap, smirking as he always did when he had a secret.


“I can see that there’s something on your mind, Harry. Why don’t you tell us what it is?” The interviewer asked with a fake smile on her face.


“Actually, we’ve recently become engaged.” He grinned at the camera and I could hear the crowd gasp, followed by some clapping.


Congratulations were given to us and I shyly looked down at the ring on my finger. It stuck out like a sore thumb; my outfit was just a plain sweater, black leggings and some stripped bootie slippers.


I twirled it around on my finger to read the engraving on the back.


∞As long as we love each other








I dropped down onto the king-size bed, ready to relax and enjoy some silence. Today had been hectic- so many things to buy, people to see, the whole house to tidy up once again. And of course, having a five year old daughter and newborn boy didn’t help with things.


The past few years felt like they flew by in just a blink. The band was still together, still cranking out amazing songs, and we were all as close as ever.


In the distance, I heard the front door opening and braced myself.


Please don’t cry, Connor. Please don’t cry, Connor. Please don’t cry, Connor.


Luckily, the door closed quietly and I took a heavy sigh.


“Daddy!” Darcy cheered from the living room and once again I held my breath, waiting for Connor to wake up. I had put him down an hour ago, and he was always more likely to be woken after he’s had an hour.


But bless my lucky stars, because the little boy was still fast asleep in the room next to me.


“Hello, my angel!” Harry laughed as he walked inside. I couldn’t help but smile and remember all of the amazing moments I’ve had with him. Ever since we met on that day so many years ago, our love has only grown stronger.


“Where’s your mummy?” He asked Darcy, a tone of mock concern laced in his deep voice.


“She’s in here!” She giggled and I could here to soft tapping of her bare feet running down the wooden hallway, followed by the loud thuds of Harry’s shoes.


I sat up on the bed and rested on my elbows as I waited for them to arrive at the open bedroom door. Darcy’s laughs grew louder and soon I saw her run into the room, her arm outstretched for her mummy.


I hopped down from the bed and lifted her up. “Hello, my beautiful girl!” I tapped her on the nose, sending her off in a giggling fit. Her long, curly brown hair flew everywhere- I didn’t dare cut it- and her big green eyes were squeezed shut as she laughed.


Harry walked over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Where’s Connor?”


“Still knocked out in his cot.” I nodded my head to the wall that separated our two rooms. “I’m surprised this cheeky girl hasn’t woken his up yet!” I cooed to Darcy and she smiled, resting her little head on my shoulder and wrapping her short arms around my neck.


“Looks like she’s about to pass out.” Harry chuckled and took her from me. He slowly rocked her in his arms and the way he looked at her- anyone could see that he loved her with everything he had.


I felt completely blessed to be married to him and to have two beautiful children with him. We made it through rumors and arguments and crazy fans, but we never once thought of splitting up.


I walked out behind Harry as he carried Darcy to her room for a nap. He sang softly to her a song from his X Factor days.


“Isn’t she lovely?


Isn’t she wonderful?


Isn’t she precious,


Less than one minute old.


And I never thought through love we’d be


Making one as lovely as she


But isn’t she lovely made from love.”


Was this really my life? I had a handsome and caring husband who would do anything for his family, a daughter who fulfilled all of my dreams, and a son who I loved more than anything.


I twisted my engagement ring around on my finger and read the familiar inscription.


∞As long as we love each other


Harry had told me that a few days before he proposed. He said “As long as we love each other, everything else will fall into place. As long as we love each other, everything will be perfect.”


And he was right. Since the moment I met him, I knew I loved him.


I couldn’t have thought of a better and more perfect way to spend the last ten years of my life.


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